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12 Pillow Parade
Pillows for Young and Old Alike

One of my collection responsibilities is arts and crafts, so I keep running into my fair share of bizarre crafts and outdated materials. In one of my library related day dreams, I imagine a craft fair featuring nothing but the craft projects featured here on ALB. Think of it! Applehead Dolls, crocheted vests and jewelry and of course all the home decor found here, here and here. (I think I should pitch this as a program during Halloween. Talk about scary!)

Today we have some decorative pillows. The construction techniques are okay, but they have posed the pillows outside, with the animals. Maybe these particular pillows are in their natural habitat? I am not sure I would want those pillows back in the house after hanging with the animals.


pillows with ribbon and lace

basic supplies for pillow making

zebra with pillows


  1. I know what you mean about pillows and dirt. I used to have the task of taking the large animal-shaped pillows from the library’s children’s room to be cleaned. Yuck, all those germs. OTOH I felt kind of cool walking to the drycleaner’s with a giant stuffed alligator on my shoulder.

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