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Pick Your Perfect Partner

how to pick a mate

How to Pick a Mate
The Guide to a Happy Marriage
Adams and Packard

Finding the perfect match is a tough job. This book has all the quizzes, testimonials, case studies, and facts, to help you make a good decision about a life mate. Sample chapters include: Attracting the one you want; Is it Love – or Infatuation? and my particular favorite: Do you Frighten Possible Mates Away?  They also have a wide variety of quizzes and checklists to make sure you are not headed down the wrong path. In case anyone is keeping score, I think I qualify as an “unhappy” wife.






how to pick a mate back cover


quiz to see if you have a negative or positive personality

are you warm or cool by nature

are you in love?

Happy wives and happy husbands

more traits of happy husbands and happy wives

9 Responses to Pick Your Perfect Partner

  • Vance Packard really came to fame in the 1950s and 1960s with his commentaries on various aspects of American society: The Hidden Persuaders; The Status Seekers; The Waste Makers; The Pyramid Climbers; The Naked Society; etc. My dad had some of his books in paperback and I remember reading them when I was younger. I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some influence on the “Mad Men” TV series.

  • My favorite question: “Do you really want to marry this person?” And I think that “unhappy wife” is mislabeled; it really should read “unhappy managerial personnel.” (But it has been a long week).

  • I notice we’re missing the snake in the cover art.

  • The way the leaves are outlined in the tree first fooled me into thinking there was a question mark after “The Guide To A Happy Marriage.”

  • I wonder what they mean by “more radical about sex morality” under traits of an unhappy husband.

  • As Tony mentions, Vance Packard went on to become a renowned author and famous for “The Status Seekers” and “The Waste Makers.” In the early 1980s he was one of our customers at an electronics/hifi store I managed in southern CT, and I got his autograph.

  • Mary, I have approximately equal qualities of happy and unhappy wives. What does that make me? 😀