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Making a Collection Count

Phone a friend!

Reverse the Charges
How to save money on your phone bill

Seriously, why are these still in a public library collection?  I am quite certain that the telecommunications industry has had a few changes in almost 30 years.  I did have a flash of memory of calling collect or letting it ring a certain number of times in order to save my dime.  (yes, people a DIME!) Extra credit for young folks who know who Ralph Nader is without a Google search!


The Phone Book
Kahaner and Green



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  • I don’t think the friend would stay a friend if you kept reversing the charges.

  • 24 year old – and I know who Ralph Nader is! Green party candidate; ran with Winona LaDuke (she’s from Minnesota, that’s how I know 🙂

    That being said – The phone in the top book looks so sad. Poor thing…it’s been abandoned for cell phones and now it’s crying the sad, sad tears of being hooked to the wall.

  • Ralph Nader, he’s the consumer activist turned politician who messed up the 2000 US presidential election, I’d heard of him before that incident even though I was 14 😀

    Wow, must have been published after the breakup of Ma Bell. Have (landline) phones really changed that much though? Obviously there are higher fees and extra features that my family doesn’t use, like caller ID and voice mail.

    • Hard to mess something up, when the two major party candidates are least appealling candidates that could have been proffered forth. It’s like choosing between prune juice and Schlitz – I guess if you have to pick one, you pick one, but in the end, you still lose regardless.

  • These shouldn’t still be in any library, but I do remember when they were written. I was corporate records librarian for a major telco during Deregulation from 1981-1983, and the breakup of the Bell System was big news. With the fastest modem in the building (1200 baud!) and the know-how to do Boolean searches on databases, many movers-and-shakers sought my help in finding news and info about the competition. So suddenly everyday consumers could choose telephone providers and could own the wires in their homes! And choosing any phone you wanted without needing a phone repairman to wire it in for you! Wowsers~

  • The first election I was old enough to vote in was the 2000 presidential election. Voted for Ralph Nader. Extra credit for me!

  • I have many phone stories, but I feel so old. I’d hesitate to have any book about phones in this era of iphones and apps. I guess for historical reasons a book telling about the Bell breakup and the changes it brought would be a good buy. Maybe there already is one.

  • OMG! I weeded Reverse the Charges a few years ago! I remember the jacket art and the orange background.

  • This is a great idea for a blog. Very entertaining.

  • Remember party lines? OH, my….and lots of “reverse the charges” when phoning home from camps and college. Dates me, eh?

  • I was 11 years old during the 2000 election, but I know who Ralph Nader is. I am from North California though. There was a lot of conflict here about whether it was more important for Gore to win, or for the green party to get enough votes to get federal funding.
    I also remember in elementary school carrying money for the payphone.

  • I don’t know about you, Maya, but I remember having my nickel and later my dime in my “penny loafers” for the pay phone!

  • Love the cover art on Reverse the Charges.

  • What does it mean to reverse the charges?

  • Yasoup, it’s a “collect call”.

  • Remember when you would go to go to AT&T and Bell stores to RENT your phone? LOL I remember the commercial with Robin Williams where he talked on an old fashioned red,white and blue phone and wanted that so bad.