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title pageYou and Your Telephone

Submitter: My wife and I discovered this lovely little gem at our local public library. I’m so glad I can finally read about the merits of renting vs. purchasing my own phone!

Holly: My favorite is the three-step illustration on how to plug in the phone line to the back of the phone. It’s not that hard, people. You know what else isn’t that hard? Making the decision to weed this book.


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telephone system

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  1. I can remember going to the phone store with my mom in the 70s, when phones were still rented (at least in my area), and looking longingly at all the exotic phones my parents would never pay the extra money to get! Check out this ad–I remember wanting the Mickey Mouse phone and the yellow round one, which I had seen featured in an ad as a phone for Libras, which is my sign!

    1. I begged my mom for a princess phone for our house.No extra money for that stuff in my house either.

  2. That Coast-to-Coast picture is even worse. It just seems to be taking up space, unless there was someone out there who needed Coast-to-Coast illustrated with an outline of the US and two people on phones. A picture of a switchboard in the middle would make it at least look like they tried.

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