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Petting: Wise or Otherwise?

Petting: Wise or Otherwise?
1942, 4th ed.

Submitter: The small academic library that I work for has not been weeded for a LONG time, so now we are having to do a lot of work to make the collection usable. I first came across this little gem when I first helped with the inventory 3 years ago. But, it wasn’t until last week that it was finally withdrawn. The copyright on the book is 1938, though this fourth printing was published in 1942. I’m sure that back in the day this was good information (at one point we actually had two copies in the collection), but I’m sure that today’s college students can learn about “petting” from our other more recent sex education books. The worst part of it though (and what makes me laugh) is the way the author chose to present the book as a conversation between a young graduate assistant (and it wife) and his trusted mentor.

Holly: These old books are so fun!  I don’t think that a small academic library is the place for it anymore, though.  The unfortunate line on the page above is “‘Correct!’ ejaculated Dr. John, emphatically.”  Nice choice of words, Mr. Clarke!

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  • Haha! I got to the word,”ejaculated” and couldn’t read any farther, I was laughing so hard. And, that’s one busy prostitute servicing possibly more than 20 men in one day. How did the good doctor arrive at that figure?

  • There ARE no other choices? Prostitution or suicide–that’s it?

  • Oh, my god. I mean WOW. Welcome back to the 30s? I’m wondering how this stayed in the library for so long…

  • What happened to the 20+ comments that were on the old site?

  • Lurker I have no idea! I am on it though. Sorry for the problems.