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Pets Around the World

Pets Around the World

Submitter: This book may not qualify as “Awful,” but it is indeed outdated! The image that was a particular favourite of mine depicts a young naked Galapagos boy and his pet turtle.  Yes, children… the wild child savage of the Galapagos Islands has a gigantic sea turtle pet that takes him for rides in the ocean!

Holly: That’s kind of cool!  But yes…outdated for sure.  The kid on the turtle (and the kid on his bike, too) are likely in their 60’s now.

0 Responses to Pets Around the World

  • And the turtle is probably close to 200 years old (if it’s still around).

  • I didn’t think people lived on the Galapagos.

  • I want a bird that perches on my handlebars as I cycle!!

  • The turtle is also probably about 60 by now. The parrot… Oh well. Should have been a turtle.

  • It depends, some parrot species can live for a long time as well. I’m not sure exactly how long though.

  • the whole thing is innacurate as the Spanish word for Turtle is Tortuga, and the Galapgos is famed for the land tortoises not the Sea Turtle pictured. And that kid looks more Micronesian than South American.

  • I guess the idea is exotic pets. No cats and dogs when we’re talking about the whole world.

  • The parrot could live 50-70 years. But take a look at the expression on the boy’s face and the bandage on his finger. I’m not sure he really loves his pet that much.