Perfect Manhood!

Teen Preggers
Avoidance of Baldness

Charles Atlas cover

Your in Perfect Manhood,
Charles Atlas

Some of this pics might be considered a bit NSFW, proceed carefully!

Submitter sent these lovely scans to ALB knowing full well we would love to see a perfect specimen of a man. Charles Atlas, of course, is a worthy subject for a book.  Anyone over the age of 40 or so will remember the back of comic books and the ads that promised that Atlas could turn you from a 97 pound weakling into a real man. This book looks like a lot of fun.  Thanks submitter, I did need to see a perfect man today!

By the way, I was enjoying this picture show until the final one featuring one of the writers.  Please, no speedos!


Inspired by Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas with ladies

Charles Atlas's backside

Charles Atlas bares it all

Life and Legend of Charles Atlas


  1. I’m reminded of two things…

    A. Men’s pictoral magazines were some of the first gay porn.

    B. o/~ In just seven days (and six long nights!) I can make you a man! o/~ (If you don’t get it, go rent the Rocky Horror Picture Show.)

  2. Now I’m a little tired of the “anyone over the age of 40” stuff. I’m 35 and I know and remember Mr. Atlas! And I know many people over 40 who do NOT get many references for things they should. I even had one guy who confused The Amazing Kreskin with Uri Geller, so there! We under-40s can remember stuff you think it is only reserved for you over 40s! *blows raspberry*

    But for goodness sakes, Mike, PUT SOME PANTS ON!

  3. Hubba, hubba, thanks for the vintage beefcake, ALB!

    Now I got a hankering to order some X-ray specs, mushrooms to grow in the basement, and a magic kit…

  4. *snickers*
    I find the lounging shots fairly attractive, but the rest…no. Especially Mike. Mike, please find pants and a new haircut.

  5. Quite interesting shots, rather artistic. Really. Not Mike… we could have done without that!
    I am over 40, over 50 in fact, and while I didn’t read comics, I do know who Charles Atlas was. But, shouldn’t that be “over 90” based on the fact the photos are from the 30s? By the time you were old enough to know who he was, you would have to be pretty far over 40 by now. Probably closer to 100.
    I prefer his not-too-much look to the winners of those muscle contests today. They are gross, and can barely walk!

  6. Hey, Ms. Scribbles, don’t forget those sea-monkeys!
    And to think, they did it all without steroids!

  7. Don’t forget the tickets to Palisades Park in New Jersey.

    Today’s 98 pound weaklings weight 250 pounds.

  8. I was thinking… who’s the last dude? Did Charles get hit by the ugly stick? And these pics are all better than the Burt Reynolds book.

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