Pass me that casserole!

Casserole Cook Book cover

Casserole Cook Book
Better Homes and Gardens

You all know I can’t resist a good casserole cookbook. We have another nice cookbook with pictures that do nothing to entice the reader to eat said casseroles. If you are a casserole/hot dish fan then you know that certain ingredients appear all the time:

  • A can of cream-of-something soup
  • Some kind of meat or tuna fish
  • Potato chips (for crunch!)
  • A can of vegetables (maybe frozen if you want an “upgrade”)
  • Cheese
  • Noodles or rice

Actually, if you take the above and mix them together you probably have 90% of casserole recipes covered. This book doesn’t use the cream of something soup as often, but they have some wonderful substitutes such as mayonnaise, evaporated milk, and sour cream.

Extra credit to this book for including some creativity with fondue, curried lamb, and the manicotti. However this is almost cancelled with the inclusion of Jumbo Cornburger and Jazzy Hash.

Now that fall has arrived, time to break out some delicious casseroles. You’re welcome.


back cover

Jumbo Cornburger

Chicken Chip Bake

corned beef bake

turkey paella



  1. Mary, I love these almost as much as you do. And I’m still using the occasional cream of something soup.

    The cover isn’t as awful as so many of these are, but the interior photography makes up for it. Nowadays we’re disappointed when what we make doesn’t look like the photo, but not then. I’m a little nauseous just looking at Shrimp Creole.

    I am moderately certain that was my mom’s manicotti recipe, but it looked much better than the picture. Mom also didn’t hold with canned veggies much, she preferred frozen.

    I bet a lot of kids ate these dishes and survived to become almost-normal adults, though they might have a visceral reaction against pimentos (*raises hand*).

    Pretty sure you could get today’s kids to eat Jumbo Cornburger.

    (Carolyn’s right, the music was never the same after he broke up with Jazzy Hash.)

  2. My mother had this! I almost kept it, but since I have internalized the formula, I really didn’t need to. Don’t forget tomato sauce. It’s the one alternative to the cream based sauces. If you’re extra fancy, top that casserole with TATER TOTS.

  3. To be honest, the cover illustration looks appetizing. The vegetables look nicely colorful and the meatballs aren’t grey. Most of these things could work if you were into mid-century modern food.

  4. Thank goodness – no scary molded jello of Satan! I’m sure a demon invented that particular dish.

  5. This is a bit of a tangent but does anybody remember the Bisquick ‘Impossible’ Pies? These were classic casserole dishes with Bisquick biscuit mix added. When the dish was baked, the biscuit mixture came to the top and made a crust. We used to make the taco pie quite a bit.

    1. Our hostess served Lasagna Impossible Pie at bridge group the other night. Not sure I would ever try it on my own guests, but it was … interesting.

  6. Confession time: I LOVE vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. I’ve used your site to unearth cookbooks I don’t have. Do I make a lot of the recipes? No. Do I read the weirdest recipes aloud to horrifying my family? Heck, yeah!

  7. I love these retro Better Homes cookbooks. Ya gotta love the 60s and 70s. Some of the stuff they ate back then was scary. I will sit and read these cover to cover. I have about 15 of them. They are one of my guilty pleasures

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