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Latawnya, the Naughty horse, learns to say “no” to drugs

Now this is funny!  Latawnya learned the hard way.  Check out these pictures of smoking and drinking horses!

Is this supposed to be a gentler way to teach children to say no to drugs?  I would probably laugh at this if I were a kid reading it.  I’m definitely laughing now!

Thank you, submitter.



0 Responses to Partying…horses?

  • LOL….. but horses do like beer and can drink it from a bottle…..I’ve seen it….Don’t leave a glass or mug of mixed drink, wine or beer unattended around birds or squirrels either! I swear they will drink and get drunk! That’s why I don’t invite horses to my patio parties {see my critter tales} and no drinking or smoking either……lol….I have a hard enough time keeping critters from trying to eat some of the other critter or cheating while playing poker. Watching drunken horses may be fun…… just don’t stand behind them……lol…and don’t strike a match if you do…need I say more?…. :} Lila

  • Not to mention a horse feeling sick to its stomach ends in death more often than not >.<

  • Too much of Smoking drugs & drinking!

  • Eish! (That’s the South African for OMG.) Just after I saw this I read an article in the national Sunday newspaper about some American calling Kami from ‘Takalani Sesame’ (South African Sesame Street) “really corrupt to the point of persversion”. To give some background, the ‘Kami’ character is HIV positive and is designed to destigmatise HIV and AIDS in South Africa, which is a huge problem. Now I’m just wondering what that idiot would say about this book, probably love it. Fascist. Anyway, I’ll try and find that ‘where babies come from’ e-mail I got. It’s even more hectic than this…I’ll even translate it although the pictures may just tell the story 🙂

  • You peaked too soon in the year! I don’t know how you’ll be able to top this!!

  • Hilarious. What WILL they try to promote to children next? Thanks for the laugh.

  • I actually laughed really hard.
    This is a joke!

  • I think its possible everyone is missing the point here, ‘Horse’ I believe was an old term for Heroin.

  • This one for the books! … pardon the pun.

  • I am starting a local chapter of Horses Anonymous

  • This is so funny! Horses are proably the worst animals to use for a story about drugs. This is funny!!!

  • it’s so bad…..I’m sure there will be many at your first HA meeting Tony Sirloin! check out YouTube for drunken animals to get a real eye opener!…….. :}

  • oh man what a find. “Drug smoke” is my new favorite word

  • Thanks for making me laugh uncontrollably while sitting at the desk at work (library).

  • Thank you for your good, bad and silly comments. You think you are laughing now.
    Wait until you see Latawnya The Naughty Horse
    Two. Keep laughing and hold on tightly to something because when you see Laytawnya Two you are going to fall down laughing.

    Sylvia Scott Gibson

  • SS Gibson,
    In the second version, would you mind finding another illustrator? There are quite a few equine artists out there with excellent anatomy knowlage.
    Also, if you are so inclined, you can sell your books (self-published or otherwise) on ebay, and abebooks, as well as other similar sites so you can get some form of reimbursement for your work. As they say in LA, no publicity is bad publicity.

  • Interesting how the worst spelling, grammar and punctuation on this page comes from the author of this gem…although the person who accused her of being racialist should probably think. I’d imagine the author is probably black herself.