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Strategies of the Great Football CoachesStrategies of the Great Football Coaches

Submitter: I was horrified to find Joe Paterno featured in this book about great football coaches. It is from a high school library. Funny how the quotes and chapter titles can be so right and so wrong at the same time: Joe Paterno: His Defense Never Rests. The following quotes are just plain awkward given the events of the past few years:

p106 “…he feels it is more important to work with young people than to make money.”

p114 “”But mainly, says Paterno, he is responsible for his own successes and few failures.”

p114 “I really tried hard to be myself, figuring that kids could smell a phony, I don’t think you can fool them.”

Holly: Oh, the irony.  Sigh…

Joe Paterno: His Defense Never Rests

Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno



  1. I’m going to ignore recent events and point out that the font face choice and cover illustration say “1980s video game”, not “great football coaching”.

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