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Papa Bear Joe

Strategies of the Great Football Coaches

Submitter: I was horrified to find Joe Paterno featured in this book about great football coaches. It is from a high school library. Funny how the quotes and chapter titles can be so right and so wrong at the same time: Joe Paterno: His Defense Never Rests. The following quotes are just plain awkward given the events of the past few years:

  • p106 “…he feels it is more important to work with young people than to make money.”
  • p114 “”But mainly, says Paterno, he is responsible for his own successes and few failures.”
  • p114 “I really tried hard to be myself, figuring that kids could smell a phony, I don’t think you can fool them.”

Holly: Oh, the irony.  Sigh…


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2 Responses to Papa Bear Joe

  • I’m going to ignore recent events and point out that the font face choice and cover illustration say “1980s video game”, not “great football coaching”.

  • Yes, but wasn’t that the epitome of cool around then?