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Bring back the groovy days of the 1970s with some seriously cool looking paneling. If paneling isn’t your thing, than try some of the more interesting wall coverings and paint decorating ideas. I am a bit torn between the groovy orange playroom and the striped wallpaper. I really don’t know how anyone could live in this decorating nightmare. Aside from the choices in decor, the instructions were decent enough. I just couldn’t get through the book without sunglasses and some Tylenol.

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back cover of book

color stripes and patterns stripes


  1. My next door neighbor used paneling in his house in the 70’s. When it came time to remove it, they had to tear out the wallboard as well because of how he glued it on. Oh, the delightful job they had doing that one.

    There isn’t a single example in this book (I read it back when it was new), that didn’t make me want to pluck out my eyes, and decades of experience have only made them worse.

  2. “Why not shingle interiors?”

    The picture that goes with that caption answers the question perfectly.

  3. Ow, ow, ow. I can almost feel the scratch of stiff polyester clothing when I look at these.

    My parents opted to put colorful paneling in the living room, but fortunately it was a rather attractive smoky dark blue. Didn’t hurt the eyes. The calico-patterned shag carpeting in the family room? Maybe it’s why I’m nearsighted today.

  4. Oh man, this brings back memories. I designed my room as a young teen in about 1976 with paneling on one wall and orange/pink stripes on another. I cringe at the memory now, but I felt so cool at the time.

  5. I know that matching wallpaper, upholstery and curtains was popular in these books but did the woman on the back have to wear clothing that matched the d├ęcor also?

  6. I feel like that diagonal panelling was hugely popular in the 70s. I can remember seeing it everywhere. OTOH, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a door covered in patchwork leather scraps. Hideous!

  7. What were they thinking in the ’70s?! I was a little kid, so I take no responsibility for these kinds of atrocious design choices.

  8. As much as I love disco music and the fact in the 70s men wore the waist of their pants at their waist I have to say these rooms are something I’d expect in a horror movie. Because they’re more terrifying then Pinhead and Michael Myers combined!

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