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Dance the night away

latin dancing cover

The Official Guide to Latin Dancing

I was weeding the 700s the other day and look what I found. This book is the companion to this Disco book we featured a while back. I am not a dancer although back in the 1970s I did attempt the Hustle and other disco favorites back in the day. I even remember looking at library books to figure out a few moves. It didn’t work. (I’m not going to blame the book, I will own the lack of dance skills) I would imagine this book is similar. I think folks looking for dance instruction are looking to different media and maybe dance instruction books will become obsolete.

Dancing in the stacks,


PS. Take a look at the harem pants on one of the dancers. You’re welcome.

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Designs for Your Home


Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home

This book screams 1977, from the cover to just about every project within. For example, you can make a telephone book cover, which is totally relevant and practical. There are all kinds of little crap crafts with oldie artwork you can stick on, and the artwork is even handily provided in pages of cut-outs (which were completely missing from the back of the copy I saw). If you’re a GVB fan (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) you can even make a doll in her likeness. Check out the examples below!

Still rocking my GVB jeans, but letting go of all GVB decor,


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You don’t train cats, cats train you!

complete guide to cat training cover

Good Cats
The Complete Guide to Cat Training

Yet another author steps up for a chance to convince me that cats will do what I say. At best, I believe the concept of a “trained cat” is the equivalent of a unicorn. As far as I’m concerned, the only ones trained in this relationship are the humans. All cat owners servants know this. My theory is that these particular authors have a cat so evil, that these poor humans think they have “trained” cats.

Excuse me, I am being paged by some cats to fill bowls with food before they starve.


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