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Parents are, like, soooo lame!


How to Deal with Parents and Other Problems

“Steady dating”?  “The Unmentionable Topic”??  This is just priceless.  Wait, my mistake!  It’s 60 cents, according to the cover.  Talk about dated! The chapter titles are great – read the back cover below (enlarged for easier reading).

The author uses phrases like “going steady” and “getting fresh.”  Do kids today know what that means?  And how about the chapter called “Why Your Mother Acts That Way” and the father’s answer is “Your mother is going through a change of life” (p.37).

Ah…the salad days of 1959.

Submitted by Holly.




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Hanging Out


Hanging Out: The Upside Down Exercise Book
Jay & Rappaport

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a trainer.  Doing inversion exercises might just be the best thing ever.  This book still has a ridiculous cover.  You have to admit, it’s dated in a really funny way.  If these exercises are still considered by health professionals to be beneficial, it’s time for a new book on the subject.


Indiana Jones, Really?


Indiana Jones Explores the Incas
Thanks to submitter who was horrified to discover that this was the only item in the library about Inca culture.  Submitter also included a sample page of our man Indy overlooking what must be Inca traffic!  Now I am kind of sorry submitter didn’t explain more of why on earth Indiana Jones seems to be overlooking a major Inca traffic jam.  Wait!  I am so stupid!  It is probably weekend traffic headed for Machu Picchu!




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