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Hoarding is not collection development

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Cheap Dates

Dating for Under a Dollar

Thanks to a submitter for this wonderful book.  This is probably shelved right next to the “be cool” book posted earlier! Can you imagine how a young lady must feel if this is featured prominently in a some guy’s personal library?  The poor couple on the front looks like they spent all the money they have on hair products and valium.    Great idea for content, but seriously lacking in execution!


Clotheshanger Projects

Clotheshanger Projects
James & Shinn

What, you ask, can you make with these glooooorious clothes hangers? According to the book cover, “101 Fun and Useful Things!”  Such as?  That goofy woman’s face-thing in the second picture is calling to me.

Thank you, anonymous submitter, for this simply dazzling volume.


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