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Good Old Boys Drinking Whiskey and Rye

Counseling the Alcoholic

Submitter: I love this cover. I would not weed because of the cover. But the back tells me that this is a little out of touch with modern drinking habits. Chablis? Muscatel?  This is also written for counselors, not patients, and I’m sure they have professional rules about only using current materials.

Holly: They also list “rye” on the back cover.  When was the last time you heard someone order “rye”?  Everyone knows that these days the thing to drink is Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine and Alabama Slammers.

Aggressive or Assertive?

How to be an assertive (not aggressive) woman in life, in love and on the job
A total guide to self-assertiveness

I want to say “no”!  I want a better table in a restaurant! Maybe I do need this book.

Doesn’t the book cover just scream 70s women’s movement?  This is great example of  women’s empowerment book during the 70s.  I don’t remember this being a particularly impressive title, but I remember lots of books with similar titles.   I am sure that Phil Donohue did several episodes on this theme.

Regardless of the time and place I still think most strong women are thought of as “bitchy” or “mean”  and men exhibiting the exact same behavior would be considered assertive or forthright.  Maybe times haven’t changed that much.  So maybe the topic is still important but how about something from this decade?

Just another aggressive librarian,


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It’s Raining Dogs and Turtles?

Beyond Basic Dog Training

Alert submitter said she couldn’t stop looking at this cover. For the love of all that is canine, why are turtles “jumping” barriers on the front cover?   Is the dog about to eat the turtles?  Are turtles capable of tricks like jumping over little metal things?  Of course the mother of all questions, is this a book on how to train your dog to train your turtles? Very impressive dog, not to mention impressive turtles…

Again, my expertise in dog training is limited to episodes of the Dog Whisperer.  Dog people, please advise!


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