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Shake Your Booty

Disco Roller Skating

Submitter: Found this while browsing for roller Derby books.  Copyright is 1979…in need of weeding? I THINK SO!!!

Holly: Do people still disco roller skate?  I am pretty amused by the names of the  moves on the cover:  Round ‘n Down, Roll-a-Bump, and The Goose.  I’d like to see that goose move!

Mary: Although I  remember going to a roller rink in the 70’s and attempting a “move” of some kind (reality check: really meant some waving arms and shaking of  booty),  I will defer to the disco experts out there.  Cue the music! –Do the Hustle!

Rona Barrett

Miss Rona: An Autobiography

Okay Baby Boomers!  Who remembers Rona Barrett?  For you kids out there, she was one of the pioneers in entertainment news and reporting.  I remember catching her on tv as a teen all the time.  Great choice for the 70’s but I think it is time for an update.  I wonder what she thinks of the insane amount of gossip on tv and the Internet.  That is a book that needs to be written…


Scarf Arranging

The Five-Minute Scarf Arranger
Tryde Sandeman

Submitter: Most of the “arrangements” in this book are pretty basic & do not require any instruction. For example, tie two scarves together & you’ll have a belt! or tie a scarf around your wrist & you’ll have a bracelet! Wow, I would have never thought to do that! My favorite though is the scarf halter top (picture attached). This arrangement does not seem like a good idea. One false move & “the girls” will be on display!

Holly: Wow, these scarves are bold fashion statements.  Where does one wear the “bare back and bow?”  This isn’t a bad choice for libraries, just a little outdated.  I could totally rock these two looks:

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