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What makes TV work?

What Makes TV Work?

Love this cover!  Actually given the age, this particular book was in great shape.  I do have issues with the currency.  No mention of digital tv, DVR or hundreds of channels.

I had to explain to my kids that I only had 3 channels growing up and that was depending on the weather.  In addition, we actually had to get up out of a chair to change the channel.    I also remember having to stand with the rabbit ears in a certain place to get a decent picture.  Kids today have it so easy!


Girls that kick butt

Self-Defense For Girls: A Secondary School and College Manual
Tegner & McGrath

Submitter: Maybe not the most awful book, but the pictures are horribly outdated and I would feel embarressed pulling it for a patron.  Unless of course that patron was planning to have a rumble with the Jets and the Sharks.  The author also offers this rather bitter sounding advice concerning the illusion of women kicking butt on tv shows: “Sad to say, the fights bear as little relationship to actual life as do the love scenes.  Look not to the screen for guidance, girls.”

Holly: Once again, the word “modern” is the kicker.  The moves suggested in the book might be great, but there are so many more modern books than this.  Public libraries need books with better pictures and that are more relevant and effective.  This one is 42 years old!  I also love the tape binding.

You too can be a Library Tech!

Library Technical Assistant
University of Toledo/U.S. Office of Education

“Figure 20-Buying and acquisition of suitable government surplus equipment such as microfilm readers, may make it possible to equip laboritories at low cost.”

Figure 9-Continuing advanced study for the graduate library technical assistant is desirable to keep abreast of techincal developments and current changes in the field”

Here we go again, making libraries and library workers look old and irrelevant.  Way to go – a job with “Technical” in the title looks completely outdated here.  We can’t exactly convince the world that we are a technically savvy industry with this book!

Thank you, anonymous submitter!


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