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Taking Your Library Career to the Next Level
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Romance in the Stacks

Jinny Williams Library Assistant


Jinny Williams Library Assistant
Temkin and Hovell

Can our young modern girl find love in her local library?  Our girl Jinny moves through the stacks looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe it will be the cute guy downloading inappropriate material from the Internet. Maybe it will be that ultra sexy new librarian who keeps “checking her out.” Maybe she will get a couple of cats and head off to library school and get her MLS.  Grab this page turner and find out!


Old School Library Management

School Library Management
1925, 1939

Most of the libraries that own this title are universities.  I’ll give them a pass, but only for historical purposes.  It’s the public libraries on the WorldCat list that worry me.  I’ll grant it, they are large public libraries.  Also, they all have the 1939 edition, not 1925.  Even so, I really, really hope that they are in some sort of storage or special collection, not just mixed in with other books about library science.  This book includes lists of equipment needed in school libraries and core magazine titles.  In 1925 this was useful.  In 2010, not so much.


Be all you can be in library science!

Opportunities in Library and Information Science
Heim and Sullivan

This is the career I have wanted forever:  looking at a vase (must be off desk time), using a cool bar scanner  or maybe even use microfiche! I bet the kids are dying to get into library service after this exciting book.