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It’s Raining Dogs and Turtles?

Beyond Basic Dog Training

Alert submitter said she couldn’t stop looking at this cover. For the love of all that is canine, why are turtles “jumping” barriers on the front cover?   Is the dog about to eat the turtles?  Are turtles capable of tricks like jumping over little metal things?  Of course the mother of all questions, is this a book on how to train your dog to train your turtles? Very impressive dog, not to mention impressive turtles…

Again, my expertise in dog training is limited to episodes of the Dog Whisperer.  Dog people, please advise!


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Great Grooming

Great Grooming for Girls

Great Grooming for Guys

Sure, it’s important to teach teenagers how to make a good impression, how to stay clean, and follow a healthy diet.  The problem with this book is its age.  The kids on the cover look like they’re from the late ’80s.  That’s my generation of teens, who are now in their mid-30’s.  I’d like to see how much hair these guys have left!  Let’s see the belly on shower boy now!

The advice isn’t bad, just dated.  At least Mikey drinks his milk.  That’s important.  Hopefully this book told Molly Makeup that too much makeup will make you look like a “lady of the night.”  And is that first girl ratting her hair?  Oh, honey, that’s just a bad idea these days.


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Sweaty, but Stylish

Stylish Sweatjackets

Submitter: I found this book in the new release section, I kid you not.

Holly: What, exactly, is a “sweat jacket”?  And why would one want to be both stylish and sweaty?