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Still crazy after all these years

Understanding “Senility”
A Layperson’s Guide
Fraser and Thornton

While I appreciate this author’s use of the quotations and the attempt to combat the stereotype of senility as part of a “normal aging process”, this book is simply too old for a modern health collection.    Issues of  dementia and Alzheimer’s are devastating for patients and their families and up-to-date information is crucial for a public library.  Weed it!


Dr. Johnny Fever is in the house

How to Be a Disc Jockey

Submitter: I was browsing in our adult oversize nonfiction shelves for some movie books last week, when I stumbled across this gem!  To be fair, 90% of that collection should be weeded, so it’s not that hard to find an Awful Library Book, but this one is especially humorous.  The cover alone kept us laughing for a long time!
The discussion of various lighting equipment and effects cracked me up, with it’s emphasis on disco-era musts like infinity panels, mirror balls, and dance floor lighting modules.  But my favorite page was 42, where the author comments that “video has always been slow to catch on in discos.”
Apparently, the author briefly had a Twitter feed last summer, in which he states that he is working on a rewrite…
Holly: Outta sight!  (And out of mind…)

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One step beyond

Aliens From Space
The Real Story of Unidentified Flying Objects

Folks, I have been working on weeding in the zeros-100’s and I am still having trouble coming up with some solid criteria for those topics like UFOs, Bigfoot, crop circles and all sorts of other stuff that floats in the lower range of Dewey land.  Currency?  Scientific authority?  My expertise is limited to episodes of  the X files, Unsolved Mysteries, and lately Fringe.  Anyone have any nice ideas I can communicate in a collection objective? Everyone in public library land knows this stuff is usually good to go until it falls apart.  I keep thinking we can do better.

I Want To Believe!

PS Here is the back cover.  BTW, there is no mention of Roswell at all in this book.  Hmmm….