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Woodsy Women


Woman in the Woods

Submitter: While I am not a librarian, I do think I’m qualified as a historian to declare this book a rather wondrous find!

Holly: While maybe the information is still valid, who is going to get past the premise of  “hey girls,  you too can like the outdoors”?   I can already feel women everywhere cringing!  Please, please, please: weed this if it is on your shelves.

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Bigfoot is real!

Alien Animals

The only reason this is a candidate for Awful Library Books is the description on the front flap.  There is one sentence that raises a flag:  “If even only a fraction of these reports are accurate the fact remains, alien animals exist.”

Really?  It’s a fact, then? Awesome!

Thank you, anonymous submitter.


Jazz up your wardrobe


Make Your Own Great Vests: 90 Ways to Jazz Up Your Wardrobe

Submitter: Ah, I remember when vests were all the rage. This book captures some of the more extravagant vests of the 90’s. Denim vests, sequined vests, vests with tassels, the possibilities are endless! But wait, this one will really blow your mind, a vest with little vests on it (picture attached).

Holly: Cute.  Reeeeeal cute.  Who would wear this…and to where??  Also, why?

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