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Rona Barrett

Miss Rona: An Autobiography

Okay Baby Boomers!  Who remembers Rona Barrett?  For you kids out there, she was one of the pioneers in entertainment news and reporting.  I remember catching her on tv as a teen all the time.  Great choice for the 70’s but I think it is time for an update.  I wonder what she thinks of the insane amount of gossip on tv and the Internet.  That is a book that needs to be written…


Scarf Arranging

The Five-Minute Scarf Arranger
Tryde Sandeman

Submitter: Most of the “arrangements” in this book are pretty basic & do not require any instruction. For example, tie two scarves together & you’ll have a belt! or tie a scarf around your wrist & you’ll have a bracelet! Wow, I would have never thought to do that! My favorite though is the scarf halter top (picture attached). This arrangement does not seem like a good idea. One false move & “the girls” will be on display!

Holly: Wow, these scarves are bold fashion statements.  Where does one wear the “bare back and bow?”  This isn’t a bad choice for libraries, just a little outdated.  I could totally rock these two looks:

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Good Old Boys Drinking Whiskey and Rye

Counseling the Alcoholic

Submitter: I love this cover. I would not weed because of the cover. But the back tells me that this is a little out of touch with modern drinking habits. Chablis? Muscatel?  This is also written for counselors, not patients, and I’m sure they have professional rules about only using current materials.

Holly: They also list “rye” on the back cover.  When was the last time you heard someone order “rye”?  Everyone knows that these days the thing to drink is Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine and Alabama Slammers.