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Cheapskate Travel

Go For Free!  The Complete Guide to Free and Discount Vacations

This books has two huge tears in the front cover.  That’s strike one.  It was written in 1989.  There’s strike two.  This would be a great book if it was written within the last five years, but instead it gives airline, hotel, and rental car information from 20 years ago.  On top of all this, it’s really ugly!  Maybe the author wanted to keep with the theme of “cheap” and leave out any graphic design or cover art.  It looks like something any student in my library’s beginner computer class could whip up after their first lesson.

Strike three:  it’s OUT!


Are you ready for some football?


America’s First Football Game

Submitter: I don’t know what possessed anyone to buy this. There is not a single picture in the book that is well done. The jester playing football was my favorite. Oddly, this book has not left the shelf since the early 80s. This is why it is important to look at the FRONT of the books when weeding. The spine of this was innocuous.

Holly: I wonder how they know who’s on which team, since they are wearing a variety of colors and styles?  Hoods against collars?

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Great Canadian Athletes

Champions: Great Figures in Canadian Sport

Submitter: A great primer on current Canadian Athletes, esp great with upcoming Olympics! I guess they just missed mentioning Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Steve Nash, Justin Morneau, Jason Bay etc. etc. But Bobby Hull sure is hot baling hay!

Holly: Bobby Hull turns 71 this year.  Wow! He looks so good for his age.  Of course Bobby deserves to be in a book about Canadian athletes,  but there have to be newer books on this topic that include more current contributors too.  Upgrades are especially important in a Winter Olympics year.