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Old School Library Management

School Library Management
1925, 1939

Most of the libraries that own this title are universities.  I’ll give them a pass, but only for historical purposes.  It’s the public libraries on the WorldCat list that worry me.  I’ll grant it, they are large public libraries.  Also, they all have the 1939 edition, not 1925.  Even so, I really, really hope that they are in some sort of storage or special collection, not just mixed in with other books about library science.  This book includes lists of equipment needed in school libraries and core magazine titles.  In 1925 this was useful.  In 2010, not so much.


Be all you can be in library science!

Opportunities in Library and Information Science
Heim and Sullivan

This is the career I have wanted forever:  looking at a vase (must be off desk time), using a cool bar scanner  or maybe even use microfiche! I bet the kids are dying to get into library service after this exciting book.


Blinded by Library Science

Motivating Today’s Library Staff

Hey it is National Library Week folks!  ALB is going to feature library themed selections.  To kick off the week, how about this darling from a public library professional collection?  (5 bucks says that this book was donated by a long retired librarian and no one has looked at it since the 1980’s)

Now this looks like a real page turner.  I will bet there is a lot of help on technology and keeping staff current on changing trends.  People, take a close look at that professional collection sitting around gathering dust.  If its good keep it and use it, otherwise make room for new stuff or maybe a book on that new fangled thing called a computer.


Go Libraries!