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PLA Weeding Manual
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Metric for everyone!

Metric Power

Submitter: This is my fave…so out of date and wouldn’t he be surprised to see the MILES on speed limit signs etc. in the USA?!

Holly: We posted another book about metrication last summer, which you can read about here.  Any book from the early 1970’s that markets the coming of metrics needs to GO!  Even if it was the best idea ever, it didn’t happen.  For those who are interested in the history of how and why it didn’t happen, this is not the book for them.

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Technology FAIL!

Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications

Fax Handbook

Micros and Modems

These three gems are on public library shelves all over the country.  People who know nothing about technology might actually think they are useful.  The first one even uses the term “online” in the subtitle, although “online” in 1983 meant something altogether different than it does in 2010!


Lookin’ Good!

Clothes and Your Appearance

Submitter: Just thought I’d refer you to “Clothes and Your Appearance” (1977) which I posted on a while back. Here’s the link:
The post discusses the book’s contents and contains several scans which you are welcome to use.

Holly: Thanks!  Your post pretty much says it all.  I hate to break it to Princess Leia on the cover, but that number was never in style. Here are some pictures from the book:

Yes, it does, and this guy should take that advice.

Oh, honey, no.