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Hoarding is not collection development

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Making a Collection Count

Our Jewish Neighbors

Getting Acquainted with Jewish Neighbors

I think we can include this in our geography material, even though Israel didn’t exist until 1948.  I am going to cut this book some slack given the time it was published.  The intent was to educate on Jewish culture and religion.  That said, how is this helpful for a contemporary collection?  My favorite of the contents:  “Why bother to get acquainted with Jews?”   This belongs in an archive, not in a public library.

Happy Hanukkah

Mary and Holly

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Our Exotic Friends in South America

The Illustrated Book about South America
Including Mexico and Central America

I was so excited to learn about South America.  This fine volume tells us all about your typical South Americans.  Take a look at these snazzy pictures of some typical folks from South America.  I especially like the picture of the voodoo dancer.


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Our friends in England

Land and People of England

After the wonderful Canada book we posted, I have been on a mad tear throughout the catalog for geography of our world.  I am willing to guess that American ignorance in world affairs and geography could be traced to the appalling collection of material still active in collections from the 60’s and 70’s (and in some cases, the 50’s!).  So to kick off some great titles we found, we will start with our friends across the pond. This lovely gem is probably the most boring book I have seen in a long time.  I also hesitate to tell our UK friends that Wales and Scotland were lumped in as chapters. (I guess they don’t get a book of their own.)  But if you just have a nice English breakfast, you will feel better!


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