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Dropping out of high school? Do your research @yourlibrary!

Dropping out or Hanging In
What you should know before dropping out of school

This poor title had one and only one circ in its pathetic history.  What I was dying to know why someone would even check this title out in the first place? I am sure that someone thought that this book would be helpful but this title stands as a shining example of not understanding your audience.  This book really is a workbook and has “homework” for the potential drop out decision maker. Really.  Here is one of many sheets you can work on before you make your crucial decision to drop out of high school – don’t forget to answer in complete sentences!


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Now I am depressed

Teenage Depression and Suicide
Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs
Snyder, Ed.

For 1986 this was probably a no-brainer for a library purchase.  Every time I think I am done with this set, another one pops up on my radar. Of course this is a slam dunk for weeding for age alone.  What also got me bit worried were some of the photos for used for illustration.

I take it that the photographer was more interested in getting the shot than calling authorities. Also,  is it important to identify the specific bridge in question?  For my own piece of mind I am going to ASSUME that this was a staged shot.  (please for the love of God let it be so!)

And how about this cool billboard?  Effective or disturbing?  You choose.

Current and appropriate information on mental health topics is particularly important for teen readers.  It’s a weeder folks!


Going Sane

Going Sane: An Introduction to Feeling Therapy
Hart, Corriere, Binder

Oooh, most excellent suits, hair, and glasses on the cover!

The Center for Feeling Therapy was seen as a cult in the early 1970’s.  Check out the Wikipedia article (and, of course, the references listed there) about them.  Feeling Therapy was an offshoot of Primal Therapy.  After Primal Therapy was abandoned, they got heavily into dream analysis.  In fact, their methods and beliefs changed often.  Apparently, the practitioners lived together in a commune.  There were allegations of physical and emotional abuse, fraud, and brainwashing.  The Center was disbanded and its leaders were banned from practicing therapy in California.  They were sued in 1986 by former patients.

So…is there any value to this book as a historical record of cults of the 1970’s?  In your average public library it’s just a curiosity, not a source for patrons seeking information about available therapies.  However, most public libraries that own it have it under 616.8 (psychotherapy), not 291 (cults).

Keep it? Weed it? Move it?  You can probably guess my vote.