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Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Clause
Harvey, et. al

Submitter: I’m the business librarian at a mid-size university that generally doesn’t offer PhD programs (certainly not in business!) so by no means do we need a comprehensive collection of dusty tomes “just in case” someone is going to do research on that obscure business topic. Maybe. Five hundred years from now.

I’m pretty ashamed that this vanity press book ended up in an academic library. Not just because it’s a vanity press book but also because there isn’t one “secret” to be had! It’s basically a regurgitation of trite management advice. Students would do better to use Wikipedia!

Holly: Don’t worry, submitter…they will.

More UFO books for your consideration

UFO Experience
A Scientific Inquiry

Can you tell I have been weeding this section lately?  I actually love these books and although I am no expert, I totally appreciate anyone sharing comments on these UFO titles.  I think they help all of us.

I liked the tag line of  a “critical appraisal” and felt compelled to look into this title.  There was an updated version in a series from Time Life called “Collector’s Library of the Unknown”.  Again, I am not quite sure the standard for weeding this material.  This particular edition was in pretty bad shape physically but this material is popular and from what I could read around, this guy was the inspiration for one of the characters in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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Smell this

Understanding Drugs: Inhalants

Submitter: We’re just never going to run out of these outdated YA substance abuse series.  The cover speaks for itself.  The first sign of an additional problem with this volume is the second photo. The kids looked a little off right away. The caption clears it up: “The boredom of city tower-block life may encourage drug experimentation.” It’s another British anti-drug book that wasn’t rewritten at all for a U.S. market. Further in, photos of police make that even more clear. And there’s an incredibly useful chapter on the new laws designed to combat inhalant abuse — in the 1980s, in the U.K. Gone.

Holly: What’s with the guy with the tattooed face?  Apparently, inhalants will lead someone to get their face tattooed, or maybe people with tattooed faces are more likely to be inhalers.  Or MAYBE…he got so carried away sniffing the permanent marker that he drew on his face.  Also, what is in that white bag?  What the heck IS he inhaling?  Confession: I do like those “aromatherapy” lemon-smelling yellow highlighters you can get.  I happen to know a few children’s librarians who like scratch-n-sniff stickers quite a lot, too.  You know who you are.