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Living in the Future

2010: Living in the Future

This is one of my favorite submissions!  Libraries that own this were probably waiting until 2010 to weed it.  Check out this photo from the inside:

Some concepts in this book are actually not far off of the truth: ordering groceries and dinner through a computer, video phones, and showers with multiple heads.  The pictures are just awful, though.  The people all look angry, they’re wearing weird one-piece jumpsuit numbers, and everything is very cartoon-ish.

Ok, you can keep it until the end of 2010, but then it goes!!


Advice for Mrs. Robinson

How to Get a Teenage Boy and What to Do With Him When You Get Him

Submitter: Recently my colleague showed me her copy of [this book] and I immediately thought of your website.  When I looked at the cover I thought it was a cougar training manual.  What’s written inside is just as precious as the cover.  It seems that Ellen Peck was a younger version of Helen Gurley Brown and even includes some of Gurley Brown’s recipes for breakfast beverages for when you feel gaggy.

Holly: Hippest? Grooviest?  Oh boy.  I am cracking up at the cougar training manual bit – the woman (teenage girl??) on the cover does look rather old to be picking up teenage boys, doesn’t she?  Or is that Ellen Peck herself on the cover?

Metric for everyone!

Metric Power

Submitter: This is my fave…so out of date and wouldn’t he be surprised to see the MILES on speed limit signs etc. in the USA?!

Holly: We posted another book about metrication last summer, which you can read about here.  Any book from the early 1970’s that markets the coming of metrics needs to GO!  Even if it was the best idea ever, it didn’t happen.  For those who are interested in the history of how and why it didn’t happen, this is not the book for them.

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