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Youth Biography on Ice

Ok, it’s time for some more youth biographies from yesteryear.  I always feel these types of postings make for great discussions on collection development.  We have a couple of choices here for you to debate in your library. Enjoy!

Dorothy Hamill

For the record, I wanted a Dorothy Hamill haircut when I was in high school. Ladies my age will probably remember Dorothy more for the hair than the ice skating.  I do miss the days of Olympic ice skating when Dorothy Hamill and Peggy Fleming were the stars..


Need more ice skating? How about this one:

Eric Heiden : Winner in Gold

Eric Heiden is a legend in speed skating circles.  Should you keep the book until his records are broken?  This book is missing several interesting facts about his life: he had an award-winning cycling career in the mid-80’s and became an orthopedic surgeon in the early 90’s.  We have talked about this before – the fact that a book doesn’t cover someone’s entire life doesn’t make it a bad book.  It does make it a less relevant book for public library collections 30 years later.

Thank you, submitter!

TV Repair

Practical Handbook of TV Repairs

Submitter:  This book may once have been handy and up-to-date, but now in 2010, I doubt it is of much use!

Holly: If you have a TV this old, I wonder how difficult it is to find parts to fix it these days?  Can you waltz into a store and pick up a new picture tube? Maybe you can buy them online.  Are they still manufactured?  What’s that circular thing the guy on the cover is holding?  I remember my dad used to get us kids to stand just so – one foot up, one hand on the antennae, other arm outstretched; always a position you could never hold for long – and the picture would come in just perfect.  As soon as you’d move, nothing but fuzz. There was the “tin-foil-extender-on-the-atennae” technique, too.  Thank goodness those days are over!

Gettin’ Hitched

When You Marry
Duvall & Hill

Submitter: I’m a ref librarian at a community college & I thought you might like to consider this book for your blog. It’s a GREAT one from 1953 called “When You Marry” & it’s really AWFUL!!! %-) We have a collection that we’ve been weeding for several years now & my boss always seems to find these great tomes – I think the worst one he found was called The Negro in the Meat Packing Industry – that was a few yrs ago & mercifully, we’ve since stricken it from our shelves!

Holly: I’d love to get my hands on that “Negro in the Meat Packing Industry” book!  Anyone out there have it?  As for THIS little gem, there are copies in WorldCat dating back to 1946.  This is NOT useful for people getting married today!  It’s an interesting study in history and sociology, maybe, but not for public library shelves.  You know, when those starry-eyed brides-to-be come to the library asking for wedding books?  They’re going to laugh at you if you give this to them.  Especially Part 3: “Where Babies Come From.”  These days, the public schools teach that in about fourth grade.

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