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Satan for kids

Don't Make Me Go Back MommyDon’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A child’s book about satanic ritual abuse
Sanford & Evans

Submitter: “I give thee the most awful library book ever. Seriously. I found this little gem a few years ago doing a project for a young adult class and ILL-ed it from [a seminary!] … but 89 libraries have it in WorldCat, mostly public! Not only is the subject horrible, but the storyline is jumbled, and the pictures are cheeeeeesey colored pencil.”

Holly: This is unbelievable. There is truly a book for every subject, isn’t there? Well, if your community has a problem with satanic rituals, this might be a great choice for your children’s section. Can you imagine a child stumbling upon this: “Mommy, I want THIS one!” Story time on the dark side.  Oh, I wish I could post more pages. Truly unbelievable. Crying, naked children standing in the woods in a circle being told that nothing can be told outside the circle and that their parents have given them to the hooded people…I may have nightmares from this one. Are you supposed to read this to traumatized children after they’ve been part of a satanic ritual? It’s not comforting!

Mary:  I couldn’t believe this was published let alone in a bunch of public library collections.  Did someone say in a collection development meeting “hey we need some kiddie books on satanic ritual abuse”?  This is the scariest book I have ever seen.  Librarians, please fill me in if you know anything about this book or topic.   I am utterly speechless!

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A Case for Bra Burning!

Dressed to KillDressed to Kill
Singer and Grismaijer

Submitter: “Now let me just say, I am all for breast cancer research and finding a cure. However, I don’t really ascribe to the belief that my underwear = cancer.  And when one really looks closely at the book it becomes apparent that it is not the underwear itself but ill fitting underwear that is the enemy. I mean the way this man describes the way his wife’s unmentionables fit sound barbaric and unnecessary. I don’t think this is why his wife got cancer though. Nor do I think the small study he conducted is viable.   So on the basis of this book being 90% + obsolete, redundant and most importantly full of one sided bad science I am sending it for you to see. ”

Holly: I appreciate that people are looking outside the box in terms of cancer research.  However, this is 14 years old.  Further research definitely needs to be done if this is to be taken seriously.  The other problem is that the cover removes the last shred of credibility this book may have ever had.

Oh Canada!

Young Giant of the North

I was so excited to learn about our neighbor to the north. This was definitely written for an American audience.  Toward the end was a nice historical timeline comparing Canada and the US.  Too bad it didn’t get past the early 1960’s.  I also loved a whole chapter dedicated to these mysterious Canadians.   For those of you unfamiliar with our friends in Canada, here are some pictures of typical Canadians.  Did you know that Santa is actually from Canada?


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