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Sweet Suffering

Sweet Suffering: Woman as Victim

Submitter: You can tell how dated this is by the Maddie Hayes lookalike on the cover.  But beyond that, we definitely have better forms of empowerment these days. And I’m just not comfortable with endorsing books that go too far towards self-diagnosis and reinventing existing conditions.

Holly: Well, shoot – this book was a New York Times bestseller and a Book-of-the-Month-Club alternate selection.  It’s about improving your self esteem and your ability to be more aggressive.  Maybe libraries have held on to it for 26 years because there’s just nothing as good as this.  (Doubtful – the self-help publishing industry is one of the few that continues to grow steadily!)  If you have space for this book and it’s in good condition, there’s nothing really wrong with keeping it.  For everyone else, there are 26 years worth of similar bestsellers competing for that space.

I have to agree with submitter on the idea of self-diagnosis and reinventing existing conditions.  Self-help books are notorious for that!  They could be helpful in giving someone a little boost of inspiration, but so often they are toted as a plan to “take full control of your life,” as this one promises on the back cover.

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To catch a predator

Never Say Yes To A Stranger

I plucked this from a youth non fiction collection of a small library.  Was ready to toss just because its old, but the content starting creeping me out and I kept thinking this was a bit too graphic and scary for youth.   This book is filled with kidnapping scenarios that would scare the wits out of anyone.  I like the idea of stranger awareness but this one is just too much.  Using photos, the author illustrates an actual abduction and resolution.  Very detailed.  Keep in mind I have only included about half the number of pictures, but you will get the drift of the story. Continue reading

Data Processing for Dummies

Purchasing and EDP
Kollios and Stempel

Submitter: Once I stopped laughing at the computer punch card on the cover I started flipping through the book trying to figure out what EDP stands for. It’s not mentioned once in the entire book!! (I skipped Wikipedia and went to an older librarian who was able to recall that it means electronic data processing.  Some astute user wrote “waste of paper” on the date due slip in the front of the book.

Holly: Wow, “EDP” is in the title, and it doesn’t even come up in the book!  I think we can safely move this one out of circulation.