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Brian Was Adopted


Brian Was Adopted

Yet another Doris book for your consideration. This time we have 8 year old Brian who was adopted from Korea by the creepy family with the disturbing head shapes and cult-like demeanor. I am sure regulars to the Doris Hall of Infamy will be able to predict the insipid non-story and be ready to brace for disturbing illustrations. For newbies to ALB, please prepare yourselves!

I don’t know what else to say but that these particular illustrations are bothering more than the other books. Is it the plastic looking creepy dad? Is it the “children of the corn” look of the kids? Regardless, I won’t sleep tonight with these “visions”.


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Working Parents

How to have a child and keep your job: a candid guide for working parents

Submitter: I found the following advise book in my local public library, giving out parenting and career advise from 1979. Probably a great choice for 1979 since many women were going back, or staying in the workforce. 2015? I don’t think so.

Holly: The statistics cited in the introduction date this book right from the start. I like the page on role-sharing and household responsibilities [p.62, below], and I’m sure there some other nuggets of good information here. The rest, like the list of examples of quality television for children, are just outdated. Not a bad book, just not current enough to warrant keeping. Weed and update!

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Be a Guilt-Free and Organized Working Mother

You Can Be a Mom and Have a Career

Keeping Hubby Happy

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Teen Bridezillas

BridesShortcutsBride’s Shortcuts and Strategies For a Beautiful Wedding
The Editors of Bride’s Magazine and Mullins

Submitter: I found this small planning book in [a public high school] library. There was once a time when it was common for high school seniors to get married right after graduation. I suspect this book came from that time period and never got weeded with the changing times. This book actually got checked out in 2008, according to our system. Still, I am thinking of weeding it as it doesn’t seem relevant to a modern high school student- including that 1980’s wedding dress with matching fingerless gloves on the cover.

Holly: Everything old is new again! Wedding planning books do seem a bit out of place in a modern high school library, though; especially one almost 30 years old.

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