Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Salmon Jell-o Anyone?


Serve it Cold!
A cookbook of delicious cold dishes
Crosby &  Bateman

Naturally, the warm summer is a perfect time to break out the cold food. As you can guess, one of the stars of this cookbook is our old friend gelatin. I believe that appetizing fish dish on the cover is salmon in aspic. As a Midwesterner, I can appreciate versions of jello like no one else. I will have marshmallows and fruit cocktail in mine, please. However, this aspic/fish combo seems to be everywhere in cookbooks from this era. I don’t get it and I don’t remember ever seeing it when I was a kid. Perhaps this type of cooking was too sophisticated for my delicate central Illinois upbringing.

Of course cookbooks are a favorite here at ALB and I do think that public libraries should pay attention to food fashions. I can’t imagine this book flying off the shelf anytime soon.


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Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket?

A Rocket in my Pocket: The Rhymes and Chants of Young America
Withers and Suba


Ooooh, fun! This looks like something every 12-year-old will be clamoring for! Except…they won’t.

This submission comes to us from a middle school library. Yes, middle school. It’s old and dirty, and had to be meant for a younger audience.

This is adorable for a display, and used book shoppers will snatch it up in a heart beat at the used book sale. It’s just old and out of place in a middle school collection.




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Papa Don’t Preach


Submitter: 2003 doesn’t really seem like it was that long ago, but gee whiz is this dated now! This cover photo was bad even way back then. Zombie alert!

Holly: Preach, Papa, preach! Preach the righteousness of collection quality! That is a horrible picture for the cover. Of all the footage there is of Madonna, this is the best they could do? Maybe it was the most-clothed option. I’m a Madonna fan from way back, and she has ties to our home state of Michigan, so around here we need to keep things more current. She reinvents herself every couple of years,so 2003 is like a century in Madonna years!

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Say “Bye Bye Bye” to This One

Wanna Be Weeded

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