Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Don’t Feel Sorry for Paul

Don’t Feel Sorry for Paul

You can tell by the cover of this book that it is old! The one dark spot over the word “Don’t” in the title is where the protective plastic cover is ripped. Condition = fail.

Second, look at that amazing collar on Paul’s shirt! Definitely 1975. The furniture in Paul’s family room (last picture, below) is also very 70s. I don’t know if they still make prostheses like Paul’s arm…but I bet if they still have that style, it is vastly improved. Currency = fail.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea behind this book. It was a great choice for a public or school library in 1975. I think we can update, though. I don’t feel sorry for Paul. He’s amazing (and probably about 50 years old now!). I do feel sorry for the library that thinks they can’t do better than this book.


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Slim Goodbody

Slim Goodbody: The Inside Story

Submitter: I found this as I was weeding the children’s section of our public library. It’s copyright is 1977; it was acquired in 1982; it hasn’t been checked out since 1997.  My first thought when I pulled the book off the shelf was, “Is that Bob Saget?” The nicest thing I can say about the pictures is that they are dated. Some are actually slightly disturbing, like the centerfold pose illustrating digestion. Honestly, I was too distracted by the guy wearing the unitard that I couldn’t concentrate on any of the information presented in this book. Some further Internet research revealed some YouTube clips of Slim Goodbody [such as this one]. Slim Goodbody is also still touring the US and giving presentations at elementary schools. I can only hope his books have been updated a little bit. http://www.slimgoodbody.com

Holly: Ha ha ha! Oh, man, this is awesome. I think kids would enjoy something like this! I agree that 1977  is definitely pushing the limits of useful, but I’m surprised it hasn’t circulated better. It’s funny. I used to be obsessed with the transparent overlay pages in the World Book under “human body” and would have thought this was cool (that was 1982…). Bob Saget + Richard Simmons + Dustin Diamond = Slim Goodbody.

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The Future is Mail Order!


Mail Order Selling Made Easier

Yes, the book is really that cruddy looking. I can’t imagine why the medium-sized public library is still holding on to this. Maybe the dynamic cover? How about the cutting edge business ideas?  My guess is that this book hasn’t been touched since the mid 1990s.  Let it go. I promise you will feel better.


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