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Hoarding is not collection development


Making a Collection Count

Track and Field for Girls

Track and Field for Girls

Submitter: Found in my local library was this book on track and field sports for young girls, giving out “current” information from 1964. I love the 60’s outfits and the hair of the women in this book. The organization mentioned in this book, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), was eliminated in 1979.

Holly: With such an attractive cover and modern photography, it’s a wonder it doesn’t fly off the shelf! #Sarcasm

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A Woman’s World (as told by a Man)

A Woman’s World
A Christian Psychologist Discusses Twelve Problem Areas

Ladies! Your problems are SOLVED with this handy guide. Thankfully, a wonderful man has stepped up to give the you all the info you need to clear up all those problems with your husband.

Did you know your problems stem from not putting yourself out there enough for your family? (You are so selfish!)

Have you let yourself  “go”? (Check your hair and clothes right now!)

Are you a nag? (He works so hard to keep you happy, you ungrateful shrew!)

Quit your complaining, shut up and get back to your “natural” womanly instincts. The Lord wants it this way.


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We Are Not Alone…

Flying Saucers, Serious Business

Submitter: My local library has a whole shelf of dusty old books on UFOs and aliens. There must have been a serious need for the collection as all of these books are from the 1960’s and 70’s. Now they seem to languish on the shelf. I think newer books on this topic might spur interest in the older titles, but all they have are these older ones. Are they worth keeping?

Holly: Nope. A few, sure, and really “important” or well-known old ones if there is a flying saucer “problem” in your town. (Roswell, NM can keep all the flying saucer books they want!) Everyone else needs to identify their flying saucer and alien collection goals and collect accordingly.

*See below for two bonus books from Submitter!

More Unexplained Phenomena:

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Spaceship Moon

I Want to Believe

More UFO Books for Your Consideration

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