Pets around the world

Pets Around the World

Pets Around the World Jackson 1965 Submitter: This book may not qualify as “Awful,” but it is indeed outdated! The image that was a particular favourite of mine depicts a young naked Galapagos boy and his pet turtle.  Yes, children…

Uncle Willy's Tickles

Uncle Willy

Uncle Willy’s Tickles: A Child’s Right to Say No Aboff 2003 Submitter: Creepy! Holly: …Aaaaand we’re back to this subject.  What a horrible title!  There’s a fine line between making a serious subject “approachable” to kids through a title they

Critter the Class Cat

Critter the Class Cat

Critter the Class Cat Bare 1989 Submitter: Here is a book that the children’s librarian kept on his storytime shelf.  He retired, and I retired his storytime shelf!  Copyright date is 1989, so the cat is probably watching from Kitty