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Advice for ladies if you can’t find a man

woman's guide to earning a good living

A Woman’s Guide to Earning a Good Living

Ladies, here is some wonderful career advice so you can keep yourself busy until your Mr. Right comes along, when you can quit working. Naturally, we have a man to explain all the nuances of the working world for you. He really has thought about this, and reminds you that your primary duty is to your family. Regardless of your particular wants and needs, earning a living needs to be a secondary goal. Three kinds of women look for jobs:

  • Single new grads who need a job until she finds a husband
  • Woman with school-age children who need to supplement their husband’s income
  • Single older women who are widows

There is a lot of helpful advice about your clothing, resumes, interviews, and job performance. Finally, he as some suggestions for career options. Don’t worry, the serious jobs are for the men.


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The original cut and paste

Intro to Graphic DesignAn Introduction to Graphic Design

Submitter: When I need to understand graphic design, I always look for books from 1987! Learning how to use an exacto knife to carefully cut out text or pictures, or how to use a calculator to figure out the correct proportions for scaling an image are very useful skills for the modern designer. It’s a good thing that the world of graphic design wasn’t impacted by computers and therefore hasn’t changed at all in the last 30 years! Needless to say this book has since been withdrawn from our library, but the scary thing is it went out in 2014 – what must the patron have thought when they got it home?

Holly: Ah yes, the original “cut and paste.”

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Friday Fiction: Why am I too young?

why am i too young cover

Why Am I Too Young?

Yet another familiar trope in the world of teen fiction: the older boy. Our protagonist, Callie, is crushing hard on the new super sexy lifeguard. Callie starts obsessing over the guy. This little obsession starts to cause problems, meaning she turns into a mean girl to her friends and family. By the end of the book, Callie starts to get it and finally does a nice mea culpa to her bestie and actually notices the age appropriate guy, who was trying to get her attention this whole time.


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