Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development


Love Lessons

How to make love to a man

Submitter: I wish I could have scanned the whole book. There were so many funny passages throughout the whole book even though they were meant to be serious.
Grossly out of date for the modern woman. Maybe send it over to the comedy section instead?

Holly: I love the page [below] that says you may have to use your imagination, but every person has something you can appreciate. There are some other “interesting” passages included below too. The authors definitely put effort into subject authority, what with all the quotes from “professionals.” (And I don’t mean sex therapists and the like…)

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Witchcraft Today

Witchcraft Today

Submitter: A 1974 reprint of the 1954 book Witchcraft Today by Gerald B. Gardner acquired by our library in 1975 for $4.15.  Based on the number of check-outs then and now we have gotten our money’s worth.

The author is (was) the Director, the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft, The Witches Mill, Castletown, Isle of Man. In his forward he explains he was asked by the witches of England to “Write and tell people we are not perverts.  We are decent people, we only want to be left alone, but there are certain secrets that you mustn’t give away.”   The book reveals only what he has been permitted to share from the covens of England.

The museum is still open, google is your friend if you are interested.

Holly: Well, friends, since this post was so popular, let’s go again! The cover looks horrible, so it fails on condition. It’s almost 40 years old, so it fails on currency. If a university needs it for some reason, they should think about preserving it better than this so it continues to be useful. The tape on the spine is peeling up too.  There is a 2004 edition available, and that would be a much better option for most libraries, even if it only reveals certain secrets.



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Friday Fiction: Wolf at the Door


Wolf at the Door

Again we have nice set up: Our gal Kelly is ready to take on a Canadian mining camp where she is to be in charge of catering for all those hungry miners. Her dad is sick and she is covering for him. Grey Scofield (yes, that is his real name!) thinks she isn’t qualified and treats her like dirt. Naturally, she is attracted to this jerk. You know the type: tough exterior but “misunderstood”. He just needs the right woman to unlock his “charm”.  By the end of the book these two are hitched.  Seriously, Kelly, you can do better, than a Bert Convy knockoff.


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