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Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

Jumprope1.jpg Jump Rope Rhymes

Submitter:  This was a donation, apparently removed from some other library many years ago, and someone thought we just might like it. It looks ancient and dirty (I had to majorly improve some of the images so they’re readable), smells very strongly (and not in a nice, old book, way), and the rhymes, although indeed I have encountered many of them in ancient children’s fiction, are not exactly suitable for 2016—a little too much nudity and political incorrectness, among other things. I scanned as many pages as I could before the disgusting factor got too high.

Holly: I am embarrassed to admit that I know the words to many, many jump rope rhymes. In fact, many of these are familiar to me. My jump rope days are long gone, though, and this book should go away too – especially if it is smelly and dirty. And yet, there are quite a few owning libraries out there, according to WorldCat!

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Oprah Winfrey


Submitter: Before she ended her TV show, before the Book Club, there was this 1999 biography on Oprah. My local library has 7 copies of this book throughout their system. On page 90 I think there is an error. I am pretty sure that is Dr. Phil, not one of her lawyers from the cattle rancher’s lawsuit.


Holly: I’m really tired of these publishers using the worst possible picture of celebrities on the covers of their books. Oprah Winfrey is a beautiful woman, and there are so many better photos than this one! She’s still relevant, so this needs to be updated.


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Pinocchio and his killer nose

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer 1.JPG Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer
Jensen and Higgins

Submitter: So, Pinocchio is avenging Geppetto’s death by killing vampires with his nose. Yes, really. We were weeding in our young adult graphic novels, and for some reason this particular tome hasn’t circulated in several years. It’s time to let it go and make room for the things our patrons want to read. Also, Pinocchio is kinda freaking me out with his nose-killing abilities.

Holly: Genius! Pinnochio’s nose is the perfect weapon to slay vampires. I’m just sad that I didn’t think of this myself. We’re featuring this on Awful Library Books not because it is an ALB, but because it’s weird. Sometimes we just like a laugh. (Although anything that doesn’t circulate needs to be weeded to make room for things people want to read, just as Submitter points out.)

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