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Making a Collection Count

Furry Fear

furry novelties craft book cover

You Can Make Furry Novelties

When ever I hear the word furry, I immediately think of the the bizarre world of “furries” and not the ever so “delightful” creatures pictured here. Aside from giving me some lovely ideas for Holly’s next birthday present, I am thinking that these aren’t just dated, they are SCARY! Someone, please do something to fix that bunny’s face. Is that blood dripping from its mouth? Is it really a bunny?


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Color Blind

Color Blind - cover
Color Blind: A white woman looks at the Negro

Submitter: The book I am submitting today caught my eye because of the sad state of the binding. It was very loose and very worn. It was the title page that peeked my curiosity. It details the author’s observation about race while working in a canteen during WW2. I could see this book being a good primary source, say for a scholar or a research library. A tiny public library? Not so much.

Holly: In 1946, this may have been a very candid, honest piece of writing. It is important that it be preserved somewhere. Keeping it on the dusty shelves of a tiny public library is disrespectful. Society has shed so much ignorance since this time that this is absolutely ridiculous – and yet, so, so, so important to preserve. It is dirty and broken, and should be sent to a facility where it can be appreciated for the time and place from which it came.


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Evil Crafts for Kids

Children's Crafts - cover

Children’s Crafts
Fun and Creativity for Ages 5-12

This is your basic 1970s craft book for kids. It’s just okay. The crafts just look dated and the photography/illustrations don’t really help in terms of construction. Personally, I have to reject this book because it contains an applehead doll craft  and a “jumping George” aka a clown.  This is just too much evil in one place. Even if you are willing to overlook the obvious flaws of clowns and applehead dolls, I think everyone could find better stuff on the Internet.


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