Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development


Making a Collection Count

Dad’s Drunk Again


A Day at a Time
Dealing With An Alcoholic

When I first read the title I was hoping for a novel adaptation of the 70s tv show One Day at a Time.  That might have been a better story.

Our gal, Ellen has an alcoholic dad and a mother who is trying to fix this increasingly bad situation. Initially, Ellen wants Mom to divorce Dad and just be done with it. Mom wants to be faithful to her marriage vows. They try an intervention, which doesn’t work and then Ellen’s mom gets involved with Al-Anon and starts to pull herself together. I will give credit to the author for addressing alcoholism as a disease and that family members cannot “fix” an alcoholic. There is a lot of promotion of AA and Al-Anon throughout the story. The illustrations seem make me feel like they are storyboarding a soap opera and wanting to cast a handsome leading man for the part.



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Homeowner’s Survival Kit

The Homeowner’s Survival Kit: How to Beat the High Cost of Owning and Operating Your Home

Submitter: The cover of this book was dirty, real dirty. It’s what caught my eye on the shelf. Reading through it, you can see how out of date the data is. Some of the costs are way off of from today. How useful is that? I wish my vacuum would last 18 years, as this book suggests. My Dyson died after just 6.

Holly: The topics listed on the bottom of the cover are a dead giveaway on how out of date the info will be. Property taxes and mortgage payments, utility bills, telephone charges…all are important for homeowners to know about, and all are very dependent on current data for accuracy.

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A creepy, broken doll says it all

Everything You Need to Know About: Family Violence.

Submitter: I swear to the Library Gods that I have gone through this collection with a fine toothed comb at least three times in the last three years, but still, I find gems like this one. *SIGH*

We are a small 6-12 school library in Maine, near where Stephen King lives. I should send him this book so that he has the imagery he needs for his next super-creepy best-seller. The cover is creepy, every male in the book is creepy, the styles are…ugh…and the 100% female victims are even creepy. The material is outdated (not a single website or “text for help” number in the back) and was pretty horrible, even when it was current. Everyone is white, men are only protective or abusers, women and children are only victims. Very cut and dry, don’t you think? Everything you need to know! I guess it’s not as complicated and thorny as I thought it was! There is no mention in the entire book of getting support from your friends and family, of calling the cops, or anything resembling common sense.

Holly: We published this about 5 years ago and it was creepy then.  The cover with the “broken” doll is a bit over the top, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t pick up this creepy book? Pick it up for information and assistance with family violence? Nope.

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