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Knock Knock Giveaway!

Who wants to win not one, not two, but THREE awesome prizes from Knock Knock? That’s right, folks, we’ve teamed up again with Knock Knock for a three-prize giveaway for National Library Week. You can win a Personal Library Kit, pictured left, as well as a Reading Rumpus and a bookmark pad of your choice, such as those pictured below.

Simply comment on this post and tell us why you’d like to win. Three winners will be chosen at random by our trusty WordPress contest plug-in. One entry per person, please. Knock Knock has also asked us to limit winners to U.S. residents. The contest closes at midnight (12:00am EST) on Saturday, April 19, 2014, which is the last day of National Library Week.

But wait, there’s more! Awful Library Books readers will receive 25% off the Personal Library Kit by entering the code AWFUL at checkout. This is a one-time use code that ends on April 20, 2014.

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Before It’s Too Late


Before It’s Too Late

Steve, just recently back from service in Vietnam, is now back in his hometown of Jefferson City. Looking for work, he ends up working for Ace Collection Agency. During a run of the mill car repossession, Steve ends up being involved with a murder. Lots of tough guy talk and plenty of hippie lingo. I was really starting to “dig it”. Other than this sounding like a really R rated version of the Mod Squad, this book is not too bad.

Stay groovy everyone,


“One Black, One White, One Blonde”

Fantastic Seducer

Trouble After School

Boy Hungry

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Pierogi Payout

How to Land a Top-Paying Pierogi Makers Job

This is a real book. And real libraries own it. To be fair, not a lot of libraries own it, but it is still too funny not to share. Imagine the publisher pitch meeting: “What we really need is a book about how to make money making pierogies!”

Well, hey, sign me up! I love pierogies! If I can make top-dollar at it and recruiters will come for me, all the better. (Recruiters? For pierogi makers?)

The contents of this book are very generic, and could apply to just about any job: what to put on your resume, where to search for jobs ads, how to list references, etc. All good advice. I just can’t get past the idea that you can get a top-paying pierogi makers job. It’s so specific! Someone please tell me that pierogi making is considered specialized and highly sought-after. Or maybe they’re trendy like cupcakes? Do people have high-end pierogi shops? WHY ISN’T THERE ONE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD?

I’m definitely having pierogies for lunch today.


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