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She traded love for a mink coat! Friday Fiction


Mink Coat
1949 (original publication date: 1946)

The war does mess with everyone. Poor Isabel! She traded ordinary guy Dennis for sophisticated playboy Avery. After all,  he could give her what she really wanted: a mink coat! Avery wasn’t so bad, but living the high life wasn’t exactly how she imagined.  Isabel starts to rethink her life. Dennis tells her he loves her. What is she going to do? I am sure we can all guess.


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Yesterday’s Clowns

Yesterday’s Clowns

Submitter: This one was popular in our middle school library in the 90s, but hasn’t left the shelves since then. This one needs to be updated. Also, none of these people look like the mental image my students would get if they heard the word “clown.”

Holly: Those are clowns? And here I thought I’d have some pictures to torture Mary with!

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More Grave Matters

Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself

Submitter: This book was weeded from our public library collection because it hadn’t circulated in more than 5 years. The front cover was enough to make me laugh and post a picture to Instagram with the hastag #NeglectedBooks and #LibrarianHumor, but I didn’t read the back cover until today.  And do read the reviews on Amazon–they’re hilarious!

Holly: Mr. Power never fails to delight! Remember this old post? We even talked about that one when we were on the Jimmy Kimmel show in 2009.

It’s an interesting book, and I’ll bet he’s sold a lot of copies. It’s weird, which makes it intriguing. I’m not entirely shocked that it hasn’t circulated in five years, but I’m also not shocked that it did circulate at some point. I’d be interested to know its total circulations, actually.  I’d also be interested to know if Mr. Powers ever made anything out of wood that wasn’t death-related. Duck decoys? A nice book shelf for his death woodworking books?

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