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Making a Collection Count

Solve the CUBE!

You Can Do the Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is another puzzle skill I don’t have. Even with directions and help, I doubt I would get this to work. Holly, however, is a champ at the Rubik’s Cube – obviously the result of a misspent youth. Rubik’s Cube was a huge deal in the 80s and I still see people playing with the puzzle from time to time. As you can see from the pictures, this particular book is barely hanging on and probably needs to be replaced.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this or a weeder, condition not withstanding. The author’s age and the whole idea of a kid solving the puzzle, when no one could, is a cool story. I would imagine the content is still good. I actually think that this book might work despite the age in a puzzle-oriented collection, but I think most folks would probably run to YouTube to solve the puzzle, not checkout a book.

Bottom line: a definite weeder on condition, but you can make a case for keeping it in a regular collection.

Enjoy the 80’s @yourlibrary,


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Scuba Duba

The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving
Council for National Co-Operation in Aquatics
New Revised Edition, 1970

Submitter: Think things might have changed in the world of scuba diving since 1970? My favorite is the one with the diver and the mermaid — looks like an outtake from “Splash.”

Holly: Ha! Yes, it does. The lady on the cover might want to consider a pony tail or bun next time. This book is too old for most public libraries, for sure. Especially since it purports to be the “new” science of skin and scuba diving.

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Cathletics For Kitty

Ways to Amuse and Exercise Your Cat
Loeb and Loeb

Like many librarians, I have a couple of cats. (They match my cardigan and sensible shoes.) Like most cats, they are “overscheduled” with constant cat chores: napping, moving things on my desk, napping, eating, and more napping. The day never ends. I know that my cats are probably not getting enough quality exercise with their busy schedules. Hence, more organized cat exercise!

This book is less about “facts” or information and more or less a reflection of the authors’ experience with their own cats. I have been around cats my entire life and I can say that they will play games if they are in the mood, otherwise you are just pissing them off.  A book about playing with cats is hardly necessary. If they want to play, they will make you play and if they want to nap they will nap. The human role in a cat’s life is to open cans of food. A book is not even in the equation.


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