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Making a Collection Count

Jiffy Gifts

Jiffy Gifts
Crochet Ideas for your Bazaar

Saw this little number in the donation pile and couldn’t resist sharing.  All you crochet fans are probably dying to make some of these awesome items for your gift giving or even personal use. Nothing says love like a couple of crochet egg warmers that look like chickens. I will skip the clown tissue holder for obvious reasons.

Holiday season is nearly here, so break out the hooks and needles and get started.


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Sarah T. is Drunk (Friday Fiction)

Sarah T.
Portrait of a Teen-Age Alcoholic

I actually remember this title from my teen years and the accompanying after school special. Linda Blair, best known for the Exorcist, (which still gives me nightmares) she was the go-to actress for all roles featuring teens in trouble ranging from unplanned pregnancy, alcoholism, hanging out with Satanic demons. You know, normal teen stuff.

Checking catalog now for a retrospective featuring Roller Boogie,


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Roller Boogie

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How to be a more interesting woman

How to be a more interesting woman

Ladies, here is your chance to shed your boring personality.  Learn to speak “properly” with a variety of conversation topics. Don’t be too aggressive and attempt to share your personal opinions. (Men don’t really like that.) I am really going to work on my lady skills with this nice book. I’m already halfway there since an interesting woman evidently hangs out in the library.



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