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How (Not) to Interview

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How to Interview and Hire Productive People

Submitter: I recently weeded this from the public library where I work. The majority of the book consists of suggested interview questions that managers can ask to assess job applicants’ “hidden qualities”. However, many of the questions would probably land an interviewer in hot water these days.
I especially enjoyed comparing the list of questions the authors say are illegal to ask with the list of questions that they actually do suggest asking. I am sure that in their mind there was some reason why “What is your marital status?” and “Does your husband mind you working?” are off limits for a job interview but “What does your spouse think of this job you are applying for?” and “Do you often regret your marriage?” are OK. I can’t, however, imagine what that reason would be!

Holly: The health considerations chapter (below) is awful too. “What is the most serious sickness you have ever had?” and “Have you ever had any surgery?” Sometimes you wish you could ask certain things in an interview, but DON’T DO IT! Just look them up on Facebook and get the dirt that way. (Kids, either set your Facebook statuses to private or don’t post personal information. Employers ARE looking you up.)

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Lady Law

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Everywoman’s Legal Guide: Protecting Your Rights at Home, In the Workplace, and in the Marketplace

Submitter: There were two copies of this 80’s legal advise book in my library system. When a colleague saw it, she jokingly remarked “knowing women’s laws, those might still be current!” Well, let’s hope not.

Holly: Narry a computer mentioned, I’m sure!


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The Joy of Home Winemaking

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The Joy of Home Winemaking: Create Your Own Vintage Wine

Submitter: This gross specimen comes from my local library. It clearly has been used in the wine making process. Look at those stains! I know wine should age, but I am not sure this is what they had in mind.

Holly: Age the wine, not the library collection. This can be weeded on condition if nothing else!

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