Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development


Making a Collection Count

Mind Your Manners

Manners To Grow On

Submitter: I found this while working on a long-overdue weeding project in our J section.  We all know manners are lacking in society today, but this book is NOT helping! If anyone doubts that this needed to be weeded, just look at p. 9, the section called “The Curtsy.”  The author says it is “…not only polite, but very charming.”  I especially love the clarification she provides, that the curtsy does not need to be “a deep one, as though they were being presented at court.”  Because of course that has plenty of relevance for today’s kids (not)!

Holly: It’s lovely to teach children manners, but if you teach your kid to curtsy I’ll just think they’re…”eccentric” or “different,” not polite. It’s not their fault they have weird parents who make them to curtsy, so give a kid a chance. You can’t make kids today to be nice by hoping the 1950s will come back. This book does not teach them not to text at the dinner table or not to say things like “LOL” to dear Grandma who has no clue what they’re talking about. It suggests you allow tradesmen to come inside when it is raining, which is not safe (milkman? laundryman? Who are these magical people?). In fact, in many communities children shouldn’t be answering the door at all. Once again, safe and relevant trumps “cute.”

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Doggie Dollars

How to Make Money in Dogs

Submitter: This book is living on our public library shelf with newer books on the same topic. However, it’s giving out cost and information from 1974! Completely out-of-date.

Holly:There is a list included below of the most popular dog breeds according to the AKC. FYI, Labrador retriever has moved up from #9 in 1974 to #1 in 2014, and Irish setter has moved waaaay down the list to #71. German shepherd is still #2. The book does talk about puppy factories, but less in ethical terms and more in money-making potential for average people. I’m not a fan of the cover art, either, but that’s not strictly weeding criteria. It’s old. ‘Nuff said.

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Friday Fiction – Questionable Cover Art

The Thing About Georgie

Submitter: I found this while weeding my school library. It isn’t an awful book, but it is a pretty unfortunate cover — a middle grade book with a hanging? After some discussion my coworkers and I decided that this was supposed to show the main character (a boy with dwarfism) sitting on a chair with his legs dangling, but I can’t get past the appearance of suicide. You’ve got to wonder who approved this…

Holly: Um, yeah – that made my mind go straight to hanging too. Context is important in books for kids! Maybe they could have shown just the edge of the chair with the dangling legs? Not an awful library book, but a questionable cover for sure.

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