Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Don’t be a “square”! You can rap with your kids about the drug scene.

How to Kick the Habit!
A Guide to Drug Withdrawal
Alexander and Alexander

This book is super groovy and has lots of advice about methadone treatment and diet to help kick your drug habit. This book is such a throwback to the 70s, it is comical. Along with some advice about how you go about rescuing your child from the drug culture, there is a nice giant vocabulary list  and some Q and A with the Doc to help you “rap with the kids”.

This book is still in “active” circulation in  a public library and I would guess it to be one of the worst books that we have posted with regard to drug abuse and addiction. Weed it!


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Make Your Man a Sensitive Man

The New Husbands
And How to Become One

This is an attempt by the author to re-define marriage roles, since women’s liberation has changed the traditional role of the wife. But what about those men? What is a new husband? This author offers insights and even a quiz (I love a good quiz!) to help men figure out the new woman and marriage.

Nice glimpse into the culture of the women’s movement. However, recent events and discussions on the interwebs have me speculating that maybe things haven’t changed all that much. Back in the 1970s,  the ideal sensitive man was Alan Alda or Phil Donahue. In this century, I haven’t a clue who would be the ideal sensitive man. Suggestions?


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