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Friday Fiction: Suddenly Love


Suddenly Love

This time our “meet cute” features our gal Beth hitting her guy–with her car. Fortunately, he is not hurt and she tends to the few scrapes with some basic first aid. Then the flirting begins. She then realizes she is hanging out with no less than superstar actor, racecar driver, model, heir to a wine fortune and general hot guy, Corey Fletcher. Oh yeah and he exudes “raw sexual power”. What is not to love?

Even though the couple on this cover look like they are in terrible pain, I think these two kids will end up together.


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Irritating Cats: A Handbook

Cats: and How I Photograph Them

Submitter: I am guessing by the sheer amount of cat books at my local library that a library can never have enough cute cat books. With that said, I am not sure this is a keeper. Here is an old how-to book on photographing cats with creepy black and white photos. As we have all seen, the world is full of YouTube videos of cute cats. This book won’t help with that. There is nothing here about digital photography. Couldn’t they at least put a cute cat on the cover?

Holly: Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, man. Every cat in this book looks suuuuper pissed. To remind you that they are not all demon beasts, here’s a nice YouTube video of a the cutest kitten on the ‘net. And yes, please weed photography books with copyright dates in the 50s. (And 60s. And 70s. And 80s. And probably the 90s and possibly the 00s. You’ve got some work to do.)

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What Does a Congressman Do? (Insert Joke Here)

What Does a Congressman Do?

Submitter: What Does A Congressman Do? An intriguing question! If you’re an inquisitive child, and you found this book in the juvenile section of my locally library, you are in luck! You and two of your friends can check this book out because they have 3 copies. It looks like, at least in the photos, if you were a congressman in 1965 you would have been an old white man. Interestingly, both then congressmen Henry B. Gonzalez and John Lindsay died one month apart in 2000.

Holly: Here’s a definite weeding contender! Sure, congressmen (and women) still do some of the activities described in this book, but it is not a complete picture of their job in 2015. Here is an example of a book where, even if all of the text in it was still accurate, public libraries should still update. The photos are just too dated.

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