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Stacy Had a Little Sister

Stacy Had a Little Sister

Submitter: This book was written to help kids whose families were affected by SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]. The cover alone is off putting enough for me- Stacy’s parents ooh and ahh over their new baby while Stacy herself seems to be plotting something. Sure enough, in the pages, the….interesting watercolor illustrations lead me to believe that Stacy definitely has more to do with her sister’s death than SIDS alone. She does not like the idea of having a new sister, and as in [the first image, below] seems to be contemplating her a little too seriously. When the big bad does happen we come to [image 2, below] – the adults are talking about what happened during the funeral I think. Stacy, however, looks like she needs to start plotting other accidents…THEY’RE ON TO HER. In the last photo, Stacy regards the picture of her and her sister sadly. Maybe she wouldn’t have minded being a big sister? Nah, being the only child rules!

Holly: Awwww, poor Stacy. I think she just looks sad, and possibly a little jealous of the attention.The second picture just looks to me like she really doesn’t understand what’s going on. I’d like to see more of the text of the story. Does it explain what SIDS is and ensure the child it is not her fault the baby died, even if she was jealous? I’m on the fence about this one until I see more of the storyline. It’s close to 20 years old, though, so it should definitely be looked at for condition and currency of the information provided, if nothing else.

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Howe to do Hockey

Hockey… Here’s Howe

In Detroit, and probably in other big hockey towns, it feels sacrilegious to weed something with Gordie Howe on the cover. (For non-hockey people, please refer to this Wikipedia link for a brief bio on Mr. Hockey.)

This book is hockey instruction rather than a biography. For safety equipment alone, this book is weed-worthy. The pros didn’t wear helmets back then and the NHL didn’t require them until the late 1970s. Of course there are no mentions of girls playing either. Let’s just say it is a product of the times.

This is one of those times where we could make a great case for keeping an old book like this for a modern audience. Gordie Howe fans would appreciate this book, and I could see even a place in a public library for an item like this that holds great sentimental value to a community. It does have to leave the juvenile nonfiction collection for more current materials geared to that audience. The rest of us can enjoy this as a relic from a time when the NHL was just the original six and guys didn’t wear helmets.


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Sexy Lady Info

Sex and the Adult Woman

Submitter: Here is another sexy title that is woefully out of date. I cringed when I saw the title of chapter one: “Today’s woman faces a sexual crisis.” Today meaning 1965. That’s almost 50 years ago. Did I find this book in a women’s studies program at a college library? Nope. Two copies were at my local public library.

Holly: Whyyyy? Someone please enlighten me as to why two copies of this are necessary anywhere, let alone a public library? Although, I’m a little curious about my “sex profile” in Chapter 2. I’d also love to read about “penis envy” in Chapter 5 (which of course comes right after “What does every woman want?”). And then, in Chapter 10, you’ve got to know about how “Marital sex can be a joy.” (You know, despite what you may have heard.) You know what, though? We can read about those things if we so choose in many, many more current sources than this. Upgrade, please!

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