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Costumes from Crepe Paper


1. Crepe paper is the worst costume-creation substance ever. Especially if a child is going to wear it. Really, how long will these costumes last before they’re torn to shreds?

2. These costumes frighten me. And the ethnic ones are so stereotyped they could be considered racist.

This book last circulated in 1992. And pretty soon it’s going to be given away or recycled.

Holly: Not to mention, the label placement on the cover is ridiculous. I mean, if you wanted to do a silly thing like read the title, you’re out of luck. I especially like the Native American child smoking a pipe. Nice detail. Happy Halloween everyone!

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Costumes for Kids

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Party Costumes for Kids

Just in time for Halloween, here’s a great costume sewing book from 1988. The costumes in this book range from ridiculous to downright inappropriate. Behold the images below:

1. There’s tiny Elvis. Or is it Wayne Newton? The pattern is called “Pop Star” but it doesn’t resemble any pop stars kids today will recognize…or want to be for Halloween.

2. Meet “Saloon Sal.” Feather boa and all.

3. Here in Michigan, the “Polynesian Girl” costume would be mighty cold to wear trick-or-treating at the end of October. Not to mention, that one could make some parents uncomfortable. It might not be the best choice for the classroom party at school.


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Sex Without Fear

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Sex Without Fear
Lewin and Gilmore

Submitter: I found this book at an estate sale – it was first printed in 1950 and, seven years after that, was on its thirteenth printing…! The pictures really speak for themselves – words fail.

Holly: This was probably a reasonable library choice in 1950. It’s a museum piece now. Interesting from a cultural history point of view, but definitely not good information. What a great estate sale find, though! Libraries owning this – and there are a few – should follow that example and sell this in their book sale. Some collector out there will be glad to have it. You have simply got to read some of the passages below!

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