Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Beautiful Body

The Zane Way to A Beautiful Body

For a moment I thought this Zane referred to the writer. Too old for her though.

Here is another weight training book for your consideration. I will leave it to the Mr. Universe types to tell me if the advice is dated. Clearly, the hair and clothes are not of this century. I am a bit concerned of the value of some of the his and her exercises.  I keep thinking a gynecology exam is less invasive. Thank you, but no. Weed it.


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The Other Bride of Chucky

The Lonely Doll
1957, 1985

Submitter: I guess this could be a really cute concept; photos of a doll and all of her little toy friends. BUT NO! It is really quite creepy. One page (scanned) shows big bear paddling dolly whilst baby bear sits idly by. “I may be a silly, but I know when a naughty little girl needs a spanking.” This was donated to our library and whilst I did copy pages to post in our staff room, there is no way I would add this to our children’s collection!

Holly: I remember this book! I used to look for this book every time I went to the library when I was a kid (late 1970s, early 1980s). It is definitely creepier now that I see it as an adult.  I used to think the doll seemed so life-like and I had a sort of morbid fascination with the spanking part.  I was a weird kid.

Collection-wise, if you have a copy in good shape, it probably hasn’t circulated much – so weed it.  If you have unlimited space, by all means keep it for another 55 years.  That teddy bear can terrorize poor Edith the Lonely Doll for three more generations of readers.

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D is for Dying

The Mime Alphabet Book

This is a picture book for young children learning the alphabet.  As you read through, the left page is the letter and a word spelled out, then on the right page is a picture of a mime acting out the word.  Cute.

Except… the words they chose are not child-friendly at all!  What ever happened to “a is for apple” and “d is for dog?” Good grief, they’ve got a for astonishment, d for dying, g for guilty, m for miraculous; very few of the letters are kid-friendly at all.  My personal favorite is x.  Scroll down to see the brilliant word they assigned to x.

Plus, there’s the mime situation.  Mary loves a good mime.  She calls them “the other clowns.”



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