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Fighting the Militant Gay Agenda


The Anita Bryant Story
The Survival of Our Nation’s Families and the Threat of Militant Homosexuality

Until I saw this book, I had forgotten the crazy Anita Bryant obsession with gays. As more and more anti discrimination laws started popping up, Anita and her husband began actively campaigning against these laws in Miami. She lost her lucrative contract pitching orange juice and eventually she became a nonstarter by the mid 80s.

I would weed it, but it might belong somewhere.  She will be forever remembered as a flashpoint for gay rights in the 1970s and not as a singer or orange juice spokesperson. Personally, I read enough and I hope I forget her again.


More books that want to “fix” gay people:

Curing the Gay Life

Gayness explained   (This picture book is an all time awful choice, prepare yourselves)

You can “fix” your gay kids.

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Computing Over 50

Computing for the Over 50s

Submitter: While weeding the whole library (don’t be alarmed, the library is a pretty small place), we came across this gem of a computing book. It’s a bit out of date but the book isn’t actually awful. We’re just confused by the cover. What do bears hugging trees have to do with computing? Can someone please explain it to us?

Holly: That is a very strange cover for any computer book!

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Love on the Computer!


Programmed for Love

A couple of people sent me this book after seeing it around the web. What is not to like? Cosby sweater? check. Edgy technology? check. A secret admirer? check. Clearly we have all the ingredients for a kick-ass teen romance right out of the mid 1980s time capsule.

Katie has a secret computer pen pal called STX1150 (band reference? Greek mythology reference? Virgin Islands Airport reference?) Of course, they write each other very cool letters back and forth. Naturally there is also a real life boy called Bobby that is super interesting too. What will Katie do?



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