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Boy Scout Handbook
Boy Scouts of America

Submitter:  My son brought back a book from his elementary school library that is just awful. The library is nice, they just completely remodeled it with a grant from Target, but some of the books on the shelf have been there since almost when the school opened in 1955. This one was old when I went to school there in the 1980’s and is ancient now! My son was looking for a book on knot-tying, so he brought home the Boy Scouts manual, but it is a 1964 edition and the last 20 or so pages are mostly ads for guns!

Holly: This is just laziness. I can’t believe that any library worker truly believes that this book is valuable to a modern-day elementary school library. It’s cool in a nostalgia kind of way, but that doesn’t make it useful. The first image below advises young men who “cause emissions themselves” to avoid things that make them worry. And such behavior may cause them to worry…so they really shouldn’t do that. The gun ads are probably not in modern Boy Scout handbooks either, though I don’t know that to be a fact. Boy Scouts? Want to weigh in?

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Preventing Postpartum Frumpiness

How to be beautiful after the baby comes


After a baby it’s tough. You aren’t beautiful anymore. This book will show you how to get back to your pre-baby look. As soon as you pop that kid, you can start exercising the next day.  (If you had a c-section, they recommend waiting a few more days.) Never mind about the baby, you have to get back on that pretty track as soon as you can. If you don’t, you risk becoming “frumpy.”

It is all about the priorities, people!


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Spank the Syphilis Out of You!

Medical Ethics in the Renaissance

Submitter: This book (a donation to our Medical Library) has a straightforward title but an intriguing cover image. I have to admit, it makes me wonder if spanking really did work on people’s syphilis back in the day!

Holly: Not a bad book at all, for certain libraries, but that cover is awesomely awful! Intriguing enough to make you want to know about medical ethics in the Renaissance, anyway.

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