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Making a Collection Count

Stuff that Animal

The Amateur Taxidermist: How to stuff and mount birds, fish, and furred animals

Submitter: First, there are some disturbing images of animals in this post. My local library has a storage section for books that get little to no use. I found this one and had to check it out! The images are pretty gruesome but one can expect that from a book on taxidermy. Not sure if it’s truly awful, it is 40 years old and quirky.

Holly: I don’t know if taxidermy has changed much since 1972 or not, but it just seems like if something like this is still popular and a viable subject then libraries should make new, shiny books on the subject available. My sister was born in 1972 and she’s really old, so I think we can update books from that era too. 😉

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Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions
White and Broekel

Submitter: My students do love this kind of book, but this one is so dated that it has definitely lost its appeal to middle schoolers. It’s time to replace it with something more current.

Holly: This submission comes to us from a middle school library. As you can see from the due date card in the first picture below, it has a checkered past of use.

This is a great choice for a middle school library; especially since it actually explains the science of optical illusions. I loved this kind of things when I was about 12 (still do, actually!).

Verdict: It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen, but I know there are newer ones. I’d keep it if it circulated better, but apparently it hasn’t gone out in seven years. Weed and replace!

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Bums! NSFW!

A Woman Looks at Men’s Bums

Submitter: Found this gem in our university library and had to share. It’s a book of photographs of, well, the title is fairly self-explanatory really! It’s from 1983 (which surprised me, from the looks of it I’d have said 1970s). It hasn’t been borrowed since 2001, but looks very well-thumbed indeed! I particularly like the author’s photo from the back cover. She looks probably the happiest I’ve ever seen anyone look… (Well, you would, wouldn’t you!) I’m slightly baffled as to why this was purchased in the first place. It was in our photography section, and I guess maybe when it was bought it was a good social art project type book, but now it’s just incredibly dated, not to mention yellowed and tatty! WEEDED.

Holly: God bless America.

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