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Hoarding is not collection development

Friday Fiction – Computer Mysteries for Kids

The Case of the Clever Computer Crooks & 8 Other Mysteries

The Secret of the Software Spy & 8 Other Mysteries


Submitter: Take a look at those computers!  And the solutions in mirror writing at the back are pretty awesome, too! I see they’re updating this series, but so far have stayed away from computers on the cover, which is good news.

Holly: These are cute! I bet they did well in public libraries in the 1980s.  They can definitely be weeded now in favor of something more current, though.  I wonder what that kid is looking at with a magnifier on the back of the computer monitor? There’s nothing to see back there!

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A Magical Microwave!

It’s Not Really Magic
Schroeder and Sanderson

Direct from the youth cookbook section, some awesome recipes that the kids can handle with those newfangled microwaves! The magic microwave can help you make:

  • popcorn (but use your popcorn popper first! Does anyone still have a popcorn popper?)
  • scrambled eggs
  • soup from a can
  • hot dogs
  • sandwiches
  • and my personal favorite, Surprise Meatloaf (see recipe below and prepare to gag a bit.)

Of course this is a relic from yesteryear, but I do think there are way better microwave cookbooks out there. Think of the children! Please weed and upgrade!


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Oh Yay, More Macrame!

Make practical and decorative items with knots and yarn
Boberg and Svennas
Original Swedish edition 1972
English translation 1975

Submitter: So this came across the circ desk recently. (Quick question, I’ve personally noticed that the worse the economy gets, the more craft books are checked out. Even ones as old as this one. Is anyone else noticing this or is it all in my imagination?) I just couldn’t help but flip through it. No, I didn’t spot any macramé bikinis. The book is mostly black and white pictures and illustrations with a few color ones. The instructions seem pretty clear. I actually like the owl and bat patterns and am tempted to keep the book awhile longer to see if I can learn to do those. I could see using them as Halloween decorations.  The one inspired by a child’s drawing, however, is like something out of one of my nightmares. It kind of reminds me of the Yeti from Ski Free who’d come out of no where and eat your player if he fell down too many times.

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