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Do You Know Any Special People?

Special People coverSpecial People

Submitter: This one brings immediately to mind people who are labeled “special,” but it isn’t that kind of book at all. It’s more of a “These are the people in your neighborhood”. This is the hard cover version. It’s just now leaving the Children’s Room at my library, but I thought it was such an awful example of “special people” (especially the last one…), I thought I’d send it along to you.

Holly: Mary does love a good clown. I like the diversity of the characters. If it is in good shape and circulates well, it isn’t the worst thing ever, but I agree about the title being a bit misleading.

Mary: Clowns are not “special people.” They are evil and are sent to destroy us. I would hate to mislead the kids.

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I am a good person

What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

Feeling lonely? Lack self-esteem? Need a plan to make your dreams happen? Start talking to yourself! Through the power of positive affirmations, you can transform yourself into a better person. Break out your inner Stuart Smalley and start saying good things.

Here are a few library oriented positive affirmations to try:

“I am not going to cry.”

“The smell is not too awful.”

“I will catch up on paperwork.”

“My paycheck is huge.”

“The parents will pay attention and stop the toddler from wrecking the place.”

“The director is not crazy.”

Feel better?



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Mom, You’re Fired!

Youth fiction: Mom You're FiredMom, You’re Fired

Tina is just dying of embarrassment! Her mom is just not normal.  Her friend Melissa has the most PERFECT mom. Tina’s list of her mom’s faults are quite amusing: she doesn’t dress like June Cleaver or have any sense of appropriate conversation topics. (Tina’s mom talked about UNDERWEAR in front of everyone on the bus.)

To me, embarrassing parents are a given. Not a bad theme for a youth fiction, but the cover art is pretty old looking. Not necessarily awful, but probably dated enough to make it a candidate for weeding if it isn’t circulating.

Speaking as a mother, though, I would say it is my sworn duty to embarrass my children.


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