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Friday Fiction – Silver Spurs

From Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs

Submitter: I am a public children’s librarian and started at this library in January. Before I started, this library never weeded ever. I thought I had gone through the whole collection until the holiday books came out. That’s when I noticed Silver Spurs.  Published in in 1973, this book hasn’t circed at my library since the ‘80s, possibly the ‘70s. I can’t be sure since it last time circed before the electronic catalog was implemented in 1993. I do know, however, that it circed a total of 4 times.  The story is cute enough: the tiniest of elves helps Santa solve his dilemma of entering narrow chimneys. The book, though, was so old that it is yellowing and grimy, despite only 4 circs. The things that made Silver Spurs stand out from the other yellowing, grimy Christmas picture books was its record insert. That’s right: this book comes with a record. Remember those?

Holly: I think I might have had this when I was a kid.  It looks really familiar, and I was a big fan of books that came with records back then.  Anything yellowing and grimy has to go, and unless you have a whole “vintage” collection of books with records, just one looks like a forgotten mistake (which is was!).  Good catch, Submitter!

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Doesn’t this look fun? Computers A to Z

The Computer from A to Z

Well, these kids sure look like they’re having a good time.  Computers must be GREAT!  Why on earth would you use this image for the cover of this book?  Let’s make computers look as boring and frustrating as possible.  Also, what the heck are those things the kids are using?

Here’s the back cover, in case you weren’t thoroughly put off the idea of computers from the cover:

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