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Chip Chic


Cheap Chic
Milinaire and Troy

As of this writing this book was still in circulation at a public library. I am sure all the folks my age and older will appreciate the fashion tips.  Woolworth’s just won’t do! If you work hard you can find a t-shirt for twelve bucks at Jax.  12 bucks in 1975 was serious cash (that was nearly 2 evenings of babysitting for me) and paying 12 bucks for a tshirt doesn’t sound that cheap (or chic) to me.

Make sure you scroll down to see a very cool picture of Cher rocking some jeans and the “ideal butt” shape for pants according to a designer.

A fashion history collection? Maybe. For all others, no.




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Friday Fiction – The Town is On Fire

The Town is On Fire

Submitter: This is from the 70’s. I just thought it was a rather stunning picture. It looks like Mark Hamill and Mick Jagger and I don’t even know who that scary guy in the back is? According to the book flap they’re supposed to be teenagers and one of them is supposed to be a girl. And they’re solving a mystery of who is causing mining accidents in their town, rather than surviving a dystopia?

Holly: Wow, that cover is something else! I guess that’s the girl in the back. She seems a little happier about the situation than the fellas do. They all kind of look like zombies, though, so who knows? Worldcat says it’s a book about burning underground coalfields in Pennsylvania and some murders that these high school kids get involved in trying to solve. Good luck, kids!

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A Rabid Book for the Kids


Submitter: The late, great Elaine Landau has a number of up-to-date quality titles out there. Perhaps this was one of them in 1993. I was in middle school then, and I wonder what my reaction to the severed skunk head would have been. I wasn’t prepared for it when I was flipping through it a few months ago.

[This was found in a] public library children’s collection.

Holly: I’m going to warn you all right now. DO NOT CLICK THROUGH IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO ANIMAL ISSUES! Just click over to Emergency Kitten blog instead and let today’s post go. I don’t need anyone swooning or getting mad at me for what you are going to see below. I don’t like it any more than you do, and while it’s not a bad book, I think this was a better choice for an adult collection than children’s. Severed heads indeed! Nice cozy bedtime story! Gross.


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