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Pacemakers 101

Understanding Pacemakers

Health materials from the early 80’s?  What is this library thinking?  This particular edition had seen some hard times–lots of coffee stains and the like. Great title for 1982.  Not so great for 2010.
Can I please assume even the young folk know about Henry Fonda?  I am having way too many age related moments,  so lie to me if you haven’t.   Interesting fact: Fonda died from heart disease in the same year this book was published.


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  • I doubt anyone remembers Peter Fonda anymore, either. Jane Fonda, maybe. Wasn’t she in that flick ‘Monster-in-law’? Meanwhile, this book needs weeding. It’s 28 years old. Time to move on.

  • I know *of* Henry Fonda 🙂

    Weed it… dudes didn’t label their axes… wouldn’t trust them with my heart

  • I at least know who the Fondas are, despite only being a year older than the book.

    Still,that’s way dated for medical stuff.

  • That book might be utterly useless, but that’s some swank cover art.

  • Apparently, you can wire your MacBook power supply directly to your heart.

    If only Mr. Fonda had remembered this at the end of “On Golden Pond.” 🙁

  • Also, 28 years? Pacemakers are MUCH different now!

  • Every time I see the name Henry Fonda I think of that cartoon that takes place in a nightclub and all these old time stars are there. Clark Gable keeps pursuing a beautiful blond in white with a fan (who turns out to be Groucho Marx in drag), there’s a table full of “G-Men” where all the guys who played g-men in movies sit saying “Gee! Gee!”, and Henry Fonda is there and you hear this woman saying in a stereotypical overbearing mother’s voice, “HENRY! HENRY FONDA!” And he replies “Coming mother!” But eventually she has to drag him off by the ear.

    Wish I could remember the name of that cartoon so I can look it up on YouTube. But the books, yeah, needs to be weeded.

  • Dude, he played Admiral Nimitz in Midway! Okay… maybe I’m a freak.

  • I know who Jane Fonda is…and Peter Fonda was in Easy Rider, right? I’ve heard of Henry Fonda but couldn’t tell you a single thing he was in.

  • When we read Grapes of Wrath in high school, it was followed up by the movie version. Ditto most everything else we read. Surprised that isn’t still common.

  • I’m a “woman of a certain age.” I know who Henry Fonda is (I just watched “The Lady Eve” on TCM last week) and who his children are. Keeping in mind that Jane and Peter are in their 70s now (yes, indeed), I think it’s fair to assume that many young(er) people do NOT know who they are.

    • Ouch Deb, until you actually said “in their 70’s”, I was still thinking they were much younger… lol! Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by? Mary

  • I was in elementary school at the time the book was published, and I remember Fonda’s health struggles being in the news. My grandparents took me to see “On Golden Pond” for reasons I wasn’t quite sure of at the time, maybe just because it was his final performance. He was a great actor–Mr. Roberts is my favorite role of his.

    I think what I like most about golden age male actors is that they aren’t overly muscled or conventionally attractive by current standards. Bogart, Fonda, Gable…Clark Gable had really bad breath, too, apparently. I like watching old movies when an actor like Robert Mitchum takes his shirt off–male actors like him all have undeveloped abs and they often pull their pants up over their bellies and puff out their chests to look brawnier.

  • Henry Fonda was in the original Yours, Mine and Ours. I’m only a couple of years older than the book.:)

    But seriously, any medical book needs to be current – that should have been weeded before I got out of elementary school (and I’m now TEACHING college)! Medical texts are very popular (and extremely expensive…hence the want to keep them, I think, at the public library level), but have a very short shelf life due to rapidly changing technology.