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Pac Man Fever

Pac-mania: Official Pac-Man Joke Book

Submitter: I took a great trip to the used bookstore this weekend and found a few gems.  Among them, an amazing book is called “Pac-Mania: The Official Pac-Man Joke Book.”  But here’s the best part: you open the book ready to read some knock knock jokes and lame one-liners, but it’s not.  It is puns on Pac Man art, such as turning the Pac Man head into a raccoon and calling it “Paccoon” and other hilarity.

Holly: There are lots of copies of this in public libraries around the country!  Is Pac Man still that popular?  Submitter is right – these are not jokes.  They are pictures of Pac Man in various funny set-ups.  Pac Man with a toupee?  Funny!  But is it funny enough to keep on public library shelves, or should we upgrade to Yoshi with a toupee?  Sonic with a toupee?  I don’t know, Pac Man is just funnier.

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  • PacMan is still pretty popular. People make their own versions of PacMan games. When some sites go down to work on things they throw up a PacMan game to keep their visitors entertained.


  • I’ve got to admit I had this book when I was a child. I completely forgot about it until I saw it just now.

  • Well, I recently saw an article that said Pac-Man is the most recognized video game character ever, even edging out Mario. He definitely still exists in pop culture today. That book seems lame, but I still want it!

  • I think Sonic and even Yoshi might be getting outdated, even though Nintendo has kept up the Mario games with each new system (I’m not sure about Sonic). The modern equivalent a few years ago was a Web program called “Red vs. Blue,” which made fun of Halo. Now we might be on to Little Big Planet or something I haven’t even heard of…

  • Forget Pac-Man, which Sweet Valley High book is that?
    Oh, that’s a lie, I love the Pac-Man book too.

  • Do the kids still read Sweet Valley high?

  • Yeah, they have with Sonic too. There are Wii games, DS games and combined ones with Mario (Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games)

  • Well, the Sweet Valley High book looks to be a “special edition”, and with the words we can see, I’m voting for “(The) Perfect Summer”

    Can’t remember if I read that one or not lol

  • What? This should be on the Awesome Library Books website!

  • I did when I was in Elementary…am 23 now so don’t know if I qualify as a “kid”

  • I got this book at the Goodwill when I was a kid and thought it was awesome. I actually just recently asked a few friends if they remembered this book but no one knew what I was talking about – I’m glad to confirm it actually existed!

  • I read Sweet Valley High when I was like 6 or 7, I’m now 19… and those books looked worn out when I read them, but I did love them… they should make a comeback. 🙂

  • Dear Lord, I think I had this book, a couple decades ago. Is this the one with the muscle-bound Pac-Man identified as “Pac Lalanne?”

    (Using Jack Lalanne as a pop-cultural touchstone… suddenly, Pac-Man himself seems less dated.)

  • Yay! My submission! My greatest regret is not buying it that day. I may have to go back to the bookstore to buy this.

  • PS Yes it is “Perfect Summer.” I bought “Perfect Summer” and I believe “Perfect Christmas”- something along those lines. I also was thisclose to buying the “Matt Dillon Trivia Book”

  • Just barely on topic here: I often drive by a street in my town called Parc Main Street – Naturally, being a child of the “Pac Man Fever” era, I invariably read the words “Pac Man Street” every time I pass it, tough I should have long ago gotten past that. I know I’ve passed that street somewhere around 300 times in the last several years. Yet, “Pac Man Street” it shall always remain.

  • I had that Pac-Man book too! I remember ordering it through Scholastic Book Club.

    I’d have bought ‘Perfect Summer’ in a heartbeat. My 30-something friends and I have been on a SVH nostalgia kick lately, but we only want the original versions, with the pastel covers and the stylin’-for-the-80s photos!

  • Pacman was ever present back then. Toothbrushes, books, blankets, shirts, songs….every where

  • This looks great 🙂 the ‘Pac Man with a toupee’ line made me laugh for the first time all day 🙂