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Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions
White and Broekel

Submitter: My students do love this kind of book, but this one is so dated that it has definitely lost its appeal to middle schoolers. It’s time to replace it with something more current.

Holly: This submission comes to us from a middle school library. As you can see from the due date card in the first picture below, it has a checkered past of use.

This is a great choice for a middle school library; especially since it actually explains the science of optical illusions. I loved this kind of things when I was about 12 (still do, actually!).

Verdict: It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen, but I know there are newer ones. I’d keep it if it circulated better, but apparently it hasn’t gone out in seven years. Weed and replace!

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10 Responses to Optical Illusions

  • It’s amazing-the optical illusion on the cover really DOES look like men’s bums!

  • I have weeded this book before, from a previous library! I agree that it was a great choice at the time it was published (just guessing here, I was only 2 in 1986) but something more recent will be much better received by kids.

  • That picture frame is a mind bender for the ages!

  • It would be nice to get one with color inside the book — a lot of optical illusions I’ve seen discussed on the Internet have to do with color and perceptions of color.

  • I recommend for adults “The Eye Beguiled” by Ernst on the same subject. It’s good for a detailed discussion of optical illusions AND flipping through just looking at the quite pretty pictures.

  • Well, it may be that in 2007 they got a system update, not necessarily that it hasn’t circulated. Around that time is when we started getting print-out receipts instead of stamping books, but they didn’t remove the cards.

  • This is exactly the sort of thing I would have checked out in grade school. Repeatedly. Shame no one is interested any more.