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One or the Other

You're either one or the otherYou’re Either One or the Other: A Children’s Book About Human Sexuality

Submitter: I rescued this from a community fundraiser/second hand book sale. Omg… I don’t think I need to explain.

Holly: Hergie’s illustrations are so darn cute that Joy Wilt’s books can easily be overlooked when weeding. Here’s a great example of why you need to look at the content as closely as the use and condition of an item when weeding. In 1980 in my hometown, no one would bat an eye at this at the public library. We’re a more enlightened species now.

what women can do

4 Responses to One or the Other

  • “Women can get married and become mothers, they can get married and not have children, or they can stay single.”
    It’s funny, because 1980 was the year that my single elementary school teacher took several months off for maternity leave, and no one batted an eye.

  • This is one of those where I’m really dying to see more of the inside!

  • I don’t know about the contents, but the cover illustration was a wonderful idea.

  • I can’t tell without seeing more of the inside, but this immediately made me think of today issues with trans men and women. I wonder this would jive with today’s evolving understanding of gender identity and how parents may be hoping to educate their children about it. I’m betting this book would be unhelpful, so say the least.