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“One Black, One White, One Blonde”

Mod Squad - cover

The Mod Squad
Assignment: The Hideout

Baby boomers, I know you are with me on this blast from the past. Mod Squad was the COOLEST show when I was a kid. I snatched this up in a sale and intend to give it a place of honor on my bookshelf.

The story: 3 problem young people are made undercover cops. Hippie flower child, Julie, bad-ass ghetto guy, Linc, and disowned rich kid, Pete comprised the team. Captain Greer was the mentor/father figure that kept the squad together and fought to have them accepted by the department. ¬†“They can get to places we can’t!”

I am quite sure I probably walked around my junior high, trying to be hip by saying stuff like “solid, man.” Anyway, do me a solid and go weed the teen fiction, but save this kind of thing for the old people.

Keep the Faith,



Mod Squad - Pages 20 and 21

Mod Squad - Pages 68 and 69

9 Responses to “One Black, One White, One Blonde”

  • Missed the Mod Squad when I was a kid. Someday I’ll have to Netflix it.

  • Note that “The FBI doesn’t have anything to do with espionage” (bottom of pg. 21)! And that cover art… someone please tell me the name of that school/style because it is the CLASSIC 1970s illustration method. We’ve seen it before.

    • “Cosmic 60s” is perhaps a little more like the Bike Tripping cover art, but it does seem like the Mod Squad cover borrowed a lot from the style Peter Max referred to by that label.

  • How does this relate to 21 Jump Street?

  • Great! Make me relive my 70’s envy for flat hair a la Peggy Lipton, Cher, Joni Mitchell, Mary Travers, blah, blah, blah…grrr! I spent most of my time taping my bangs to no avail!

  • Good thing this is the authorized edition. Can’t imagine what made it into the unauthorized version! Groovy!