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On Your Own

On Your Own: A Guide to Working Happily, Productively & Successfully From Home

This book is mostly about having the discipline to get work done when you are alone in the comfort of your own home. It also discusses separating work life from home life, which is very helpful information. Over all, the book is not too bad content-wise.

However, one look at the cover and you know it’s 20 years old. Look at the computer the man is sitting next to! There is virtually no discussion of technology needs for the 2014 home office – though there is a quick mention of fax machines. The author also mentions how the invention of computers was supposed to make everything paperless, but has led to more paper than ever. I’m not sure that’s true these days. Apps like Evernote and services like Google Drive and Dropbox are making it much easier to go paperless and still have access to your files from various places. (Ok, I occasionally counsel people about printing their entire email in-box, but that is getting rarer and rarer.)

I’ve included the pages on staying organized and time management. Again, much of the advice isn’t bad. It just needs to be updated to include modern time management and organizational tools.

-From the ALB home office of Holly, complete with Windows 8, Diet Coke, and even a fax machine!


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8 Responses to On Your Own

  • Where are the p.j.’s? The house shoes? The bedhead hair?

    If I was working from home (and I didn’t have to go anywhere that day, or see anyone) I’d stay in p.j.’s all day long, and not even do my hair.

  • That computer looks like a Mac SE, which they stopped making in 1990. They probably should have gone with a more generic computer prop for that photo.

  • Picky note (sorry); it’s counsel, not council.

  • On the paperless office topic, I recently had to take a brief online class on what records to keep at work (government job) and apparently the new guidelines developed by the National Archives say we should print out all important “record-class” emails and file them. Ugh. I’m going to procrastinate on this one–maybe if I hold off long enough the rules will change. : )

  • Surprisingly good info, actually. Reminds me of the advice from the popular “Getting Things Done” book by David Allen, as well as some tidbits reminiscent of Leo Babauta (of Zen Habits) and Tim Ferriss (of The Four Hour Work Week).

  • The “Seven Ways To Keep Organised” is very good advice, but of course it needs to be updated to take computers/mobile phones into account.

  • I work from home. I’m supposed to be working RIGHT NOW. But I’m browsing the internet. Maybe I ought to have this book.