On the Move

Disco Lives!
President Malaise

On the Move coverOn the Move

Submitter: My husband and I have recently taken over library duties at a private special needs school that started out life as a tutoring center.  The library had never been professionally – well, anything.  As a result, the weeding process was kinda more “bulldozer” than “scalpel.”  This one was one of the winners.  “On the Move,” dates from 1979 and that is *exactly* who you think it is on the cover…as a role model figure…in a children’s book…in a school library collection in 2015…

Holly: This book is part of the “Rally!” reading program. The company has moved on to more current materials, for sure – including common core standards that are state-specific. This title, as well as the other 1970s and 1980s (and probably even 1990s) readers can definitely be considered for weeding in most libraries now!



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