1. I hate to point out the obvious, but these photos are one of maybe 25 takes. There is no such thing as a posed photo “without incident.” Pretty much like taking pictures of 3 year-olds…….And the creepiest parts are the captions! Planet Prin???? Princess Prin and King Kataro and Prince Harry in his ruffles…… I am having a serious hissy about all that!

  2. Normally I don’t like animals dressed as people, but those cats actually seemed to be pulling it off.

  3. I don’t really like cats dressed up as people, either. However, I do sometimes put my cats in costumes (and upload to YouTube). Of my four cats, exactly one will sit still long enough in a costume to snap good photos. He is fat and slow because he is on steroids for a medical condition. And I think he has learned that the costume will come off faster if he just sits there and takes it.

    Thus, I conclude that either (1) the cats featured in this book are drugged or (2) the designer of these costumes has a lot more than two cats and only these two will sit still and pose for photos. Or possibly both.

  4. I’m guessing, based on both the text and the fact that it was published by Vice, that this is tongue-in-cheek. Of course, the cats probably think it’s less funny. When Ms. Iwasa inevitably turns up dead by a thousand scratch marks, we’ll know why.

  5. I’ve noticed that , with my cat, if a shirt, sweater or other costume gets on, she tends to just freeze for a minute or two. She’s probably thinking about how to get out of it. Prince Harry looks like he’s gotten sufficient treats to sit still long enough for the picture. My cat has worn a hat before and also gives up on the idea of getting it off after one or two tries, especially if she gets a treat. I suspect a lot of treats were given to get these shots. Incidentally, the Japanese seem to be big on costumes- people, dogs and , yes, cats.

  6. “In 2000, she received a message from the universe telling her to ‘Do something this year!’ So, naturally, she began making clothes for cats.”


    Looks like the universe came to the right person.

  7. Wow, this is so wrong on so many levels! You can understand now why pets sometimes attack their owners!

  8. Somehow I was not surprised to discover this book was originally in Japanese… This book made me laugh so loudly in an empty library!

    I also support the kitty valium theory. Although I am reminded of a very forgiving cat we had when I was a kid. My sister, probably about 4 years old, one day decided to carry this cat around under its chin. The cat put up with it until my dad noticed and explained why this was a bad idea. She lives to tell the tale today.

  9. Well, you’d hate my dog then, Minnie LIKES to wear clothing and if you tried to make her leave the house “naked” she’ll lock her knees and refuse to move. She’s also refused to let me sleep until I put PJs on her.

    Considering she used to be a breeder in a puppy mill I say if she wants to wear clothing, I’m going to indulge her!


    The cats though, unless they’ve been doing this since they were tiny kittens and got them use to it, probably hate them so much.

    1. I also have a dog who likes to wear clothes. She’s a mix of two tough stock dog breeds( Australian Cattle Dog and Catahoula Leopard) and was a semi-feral underage mom, rez dog and “3-time loser” ( Her first few adopters couldn’t handle her anxiety and destructive chewing issues, apparently). In her case, it basically works like a Thundershirt and was the first step to actually *fixing* her above-mentioned issues( she’s doing so well now that, once I get a job after graduation, getting her registered as a therapy dog is a priority for me because she is now observed by everyone to have a real talent for it), but because I can sew, I’ve made more stylish versions, including a silver lame’ glam-rock one since people keep telling me her mismatched eyes remind them of David Bowie. I kind of suspect, aside from the pressure-wrap aspect, she possibly thinks that, since humans wear clothes, and humans are likely to keep the good stuff for themselves, she wants in on whatever we have.

      But yes, so far I have not met a cat that appears to feel similarly about being clothed.

  10. To be fair, those cats look a lot less pissed off than most I see photographed in costumes.

  11. My friend bought me this book a couple of Christmases ago. It’s truly a treasure for the ages.

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