Old School

Parton Me?
Phonics Phun

Making Better Readers coverMaking Better Readers
Strang and Bracken

Submitter: Recently weeded from my community college library, this 1957 treatise on making better readers needs no introduction. The photos speak for themselves. It recommends films, slides, and records and reference works published as early as 1924. Find those in WorldCat if you can. Pedagogically and practically, this book is truly Old School…..(388 items in WorldCat!!)

Holly: Wow, now that’s “vintage.”


Teach reading skills needed in subjects

Overview of Reading Development

Practice in reading history



  1. Is the girl in the picture supposed to be fifteen? She looks about eight! (Ok, maybe ten, but still…)

  2. We don’t call those old books “vintage,” we refer to them as part of the “Legacy Collection.”

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