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Oprah Winfrey coverOprah Winfrey

Submitter: Before she ended her TV show, before the Book Club, there was this 1999 biography on Oprah. My local library has 7 copies of this book throughout their system. On page 90 I think there is an error. I am pretty sure that is Dr. Phil, not one of her lawyers from the cattle rancher’s lawsuit.

Holly: I’m really tired of these publishers using the worst possible picture of celebrities on the covers of their books. Oprah Winfrey is a beautiful woman, and there are so many better photos than this one! She’s still relevant, so this needs to be updated.


Oprah Winfrey contents

Oprah and Dr. Phil

3 Responses to Oh-Oh-Oprah

  • …and years before her free car give-aways.

  • At the time, Dr. Phil was a trial consultant of some kind. Oprah hired his company to assist with her legal case in Texas, Oprah asked him to appear on her show, and the rest is history.

  • This was actually a terribly timed biography, as it came out just before she launched the Oxygen network and O Magazine. A year after publication, it was already outdated.