Off the Beadin’ Path

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Off the Beadin' Path coverOff the Beadin’ Path

Submitter: We found this “gem” of a book in our K-8 school library. Contains beading instructions plus “inspiration” to silence your inner critic. Horrible pun in the title. The awkward photo on the cover!! Possibly a useful craft book back in 1997, but weeding it out now.

Holly: So it’s part crafting and part self-help? Interesting combination. I’m not convinced by the Mona Lisa smile she has on the cover. Is that the author or a model forced to wear that awesome beaded hat/crown thing?

Beads of wisdom

Your negative inner critic

Listening from within

Corkscrew and Zig Zag


  1. I’d say, pick a font and stick with it.
    Also, “It is impossible to look good and get better.” What does that mean?

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