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Now With Even More Coolness! (Re-do from 2009)


Anybody Can Be Cool…
But Awesome Takes Practice

I was checking some links and I realized that this little number fell off our site. (It probably got lost during one of our many migrations.) Back in 2009, we featured this Be Cool book on our site. I felt that maybe as we slide into 2015, more people were trying to be cool and needed our expert help!

This book is a Christian devotional for teens and on one level it is a pretty good choice -short situations and appropriate scripture. So far so good. However, there is no “solution” or even a suggestion of guidance beyond scripture. (There is also some nice guilt and judgment thrown in.) I get it. It’s a devotional, not a self-help. But really if you are going to sell me coolness, I am going to need a bit more. (A LOT more.) A John Tesh look-a-like for the cover is not helping the cool factor either.

If you want even more entertainment, read the comments on Amazon’s page for this book. In other news, this book is still hanging out in a lot of public libraries.


Still, I like to think I am cooler than Holly.



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11 Responses to Now With Even More Coolness! (Re-do from 2009)

  • But wait…what happened to Joy? Did she get a divorce and find a more godly man? Pray her way back into Chuck’s heart? Fake her own death and begin a new life in Argentina? Even when measured by its own standards, this book is a failure. If you LOVED us, Lorraine, you’d take the appropriate action and give us some closure.

  • The obviously 80s clothes and hair aren’t exactly helping the coolness factor either.

    Of course, since everything is awesome, but only cool when you’re part of a team, the book’s purpose seems a bit dated too.

  • I’m confused. Did she eat her Bible?

  • I’m confused, how exactly did Joy sin? By not marrying someone her dad picked out?

  • “rays of sunshine and fuzzy kittens” are just great. What do they have to do with taking your punishment as deserved because you married a deadbeat? Not only does this scenario fail, fail, fail but it has nothing to do with being cool nor awesome. Somebody’s brain was kidnapped before they wrote this!

  • Love love love that line, “hoarding is not collection development!!!”

  • Best thing I’ve read in AGES! I needed that laugh. Though like the other posters I wish there had been some closure with Joy, even if it was just that she went back home, tail between her legs to be chastised and brought back into the fold.

  • I just… I can’t believe that was 2009. I remember it as if it were yesterday…

  • So Christians can’t be bums who won’t get jobs?
    also, I thought kittens meant two cats had sex, not that god loves me.

    • Yeah, there’s actually no mention of Chuck’s religion (or lack thereof) until the implications from the Corinthians reference. It isn’t as if religion is the only reason her family and “trusted Christian friends” might have objected to the wedding. Seems odd to me that the readers are expected to intuit that from the text given beforehand.
      If anything, I’d say the problem was that Joy jumped in too quickly and thoughtlessly. And perhaps too young. (What kind of graduation was this, exactly? Is she around 18?) Yeah, not listening to anyone else’s advice could be part of the problem, but it’s more about actually putting some thought into it than it is doing whatever they say.
      Instead, we get “Show God you love him OR ELSE!” Cool… /s