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Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy

moving through pregnancy


Moving Through Pregnancy









Well, almost my mama’s pregnancy.  Talk about a dated pregnancy book! My favorite passage:



Look at that vaccuum!  No wonder Judith was worried about her posture. These days we have upright machines that are lighter weight.  Heck, buy the woman a Roomba!  And, by the way, who vaccuums their house dressed to the nines like Judith?


27 Responses to Not Your Mama’s Pregnancy

  • Love it! Old books can be so amusing.

  • Every woman should read this book. Should be mandatory. “somebody has to clean the house and do all kinds of boring chores.” And its should be my prego wife.

  • Fortunately for the mother-to-be, the room was completely empty of any furniture that had to be moved aside in order to vacuum.

  • I love the vaccum, my mom had one just like it, she got it as a wedding present in the 60’s and now my sister uses it. They just don’t make vaccums that last like that anymore!

  • Oh that cracks me up. My mother was pregnant with me in 1975. Hope she had good posture while vacuuming…

  • Even though your liberated it’s still your job to do all the chores in the house. Lol!

  • ** chuckle ** That part might as well have been written in 1905, not ’75. And I agree: who would dress to the nines to do homemaking?

  • Vacuuming in Black – not something even a goth should attempt.

  • LOL That’s too funny! I’m only 36 but my mother-in-law gave me a vacuum just like that when I was pregnant with my first child! I should’ve taken a photo before sending it to Goodwill (and after using it for at least three years).

  • So hysterical I think I might be having contractions, and I haven’t been preggers for 13 years. Someone should make a maternity tshirt with this image on it and the text on the back.

  • “With all due respect to the liberation of women, someone has to clean the house and do all kinds of boring chores” — and by that, I mean you, ye liberated mother. I’ve got beers to drink and misogynist wisecracks to make!

    • Yes, ALB fans, Jack is my kid. I am surprised he is willing to admit this to the world…

  • I got this book from the library in 1980 when I was pregnant… it was bad even then. [ BTW, those were pretty much the only off-the-rack maternity styles available at the time–except for the double-knit slacks, of course!]

  • You consider that “dressed to the nines”? She’s wearing an everyday, knee-length maternity dress, lace-up shoes, and a casual hairstyle. Have we really turned into such a nation of slobs that that is considered dressed to the nines?

  • I inherited one of those vacuums from my mom. It works great: vastly better than my upright. And the nickle chrome trim is a hoot.

  • I found this site from Andrew Sullivan. The very weird coincidence is that I actually know Judith – and the baby she is pregnant with is one of my best friends. Random!

  • My mom still has this book, she had forgotten she owned it still. When I had my second baby, she brought it out as a joke. I have to wonder if some of the baby books I own now will be laughed at being obsolete in 30 years from now.

  • LOL @ “With all due respect…”

  • June Cleaver always wore pearls, even when vacuuming. Don’t you?

  • Is it me, or does the cover font and titling graphics look exactly like the Choose Your Own Adventure paperbacks?

  • That pic is SOO depressing, like Addams Family/Shining/Suzie Homemaker/Rosemary’s Baby combo.

  • They had lightweight, upright vacuum cleaners back then, too, but the one she’s using is a top-of-the-line Electrolux canister vacuum from the era. We had one just like it growing up.

  • My mom loves her vac of this type and finally got a new one only because she became infirm and this solid sucker became too cumbersome. Her posture is still good at age 73, though.

  • Actually, the saddest thing about this is my parents still used a vacuum like that until quite recently (and they’re only in their 50s.)

  • I’d love to see the “casual suit” that Steve D. wears to mow the grass…. Yes – for cleaning – a dress and pearls is dressed to the nines…. maybe you don’t appreciate how sweat-making vacuuming is – no matter your posture…

  • I have vacuumed often, but have never broken out into a sweat (if you break out in a sweat, you’re moving that thing too fast), and would never compare vacuuming to mowing the lawn. And a suit is by definition not casual, but a dress can be formal or casual. She in the photo is wearing a casual dress and casual shoes. She is wearing a necklace, but the photo is too small to say what kind.

  • “That pic is SOO depressing, like Addams Family/Shining/Suzie Homemaker/Rosemary’s Baby combo.”

    The only thing I see that’s depressing in this list is Suzie Homemaker. Those movies rock!