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Not Your Mama’s Architecture

How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vacation Home

Submitter: I am an Architecture Librarian, so this 1964 title caught my eye at my local public library. Although my library doesn’t own it; we might, and I stress might, keep it for the architects to look back as a style guide. However, it is completely out of date for a public library. None of these buildings would meet the tough building code requirements of today. The tax and construction cost data is also out of date.

Holly: If I were to build a cabin or modern vacation home, I would want the most up-to-date book I could find. I would pour over home plan books and magazines and Pinterest and HGTV. What I would not do is check out a book from 1964.

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15 Responses to Not Your Mama’s Architecture

  • The amount of houses actualized by this book….probably none.

  • I could see an architect keeping it in their PERSONAL library for those times they have a client who wants a throw back to an older look, but with all the modern materials and necessities. (Even then the looks are probably something they could just easily google so they might not need this at all.) I can’t see it being kept in a public library, and while I don’t know much about school libraries I would imagine if it was in the submitter’s library it wouldn’t really be on the shelf but rather tucked away in a special collection in storage.

    • Amazing how I suggest someone might actually like a retro look in clothing or housing or whatever I get an instant dislike.

      Not everyone likes modern looks and lines. Our library was built in the 1960s and very much looks like it with it’s roof and all. And that’s actually what draws people in. Palm Springs, CA has a lot of 1960s and 70s buildings clearly visible and wouldn’t look as nice with modern looking buildings.

      So yeah, an architect might actually want the pictures for references when a client comes in and says “Hey, I don’t like modern looking buildings, can you make me something that looks like it would be used for an episode of Mad Men but with all modern materials and safety standards?” But I still can’t see it being useful in a regular library.

      • I agree. There is a local University that has older and newer styles mixed together, and I think it looks horrible. I wish someone had used older designs when they built new buildings.

        • Another good reason to keep it in a personal library – for helping seamlessly blending new and old buildings together.

          Not a public one, mind you, just a personal one.

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  • My refrigerator-box clubhouses were more intricate!

  • You pore over books, not pour.

  • Hmm. This would have come out about the same time my mother-in-law (not my MIL yet, though) built her family’s lake house in Vermont — it looked a little like the A-frame style on the title page. She was pretty amazing.