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Not Your Mama’s Archery

First Bow and ArrowFirst Bow and Arrow: How to use it skillfully for outdoor fun

Submitter: This 1955 book on handling your first bow and arrow is living in the children’s section of my local public library. I was a young boy when I took up archery on a summer vacation. That was the late 80’s and by that point our bows were made of fiberglass or other composite type materials. After 60 years, I think it’s time to update.

Holly: Agree. I’m hoping Submitter’s library doesn’t also have First FishFirst Rifle, and First Camping Trip by this author. Good old bindings, though! They hold up so well. Look at this thing!

Picking your bow

7 Responses to Not Your Mama’s Archery

  • I know some people who make their own bows and would love to have this book. Other than condition, I wouldn’t be quite as quick to get rid of this, although it is near impossible to circulate a book that does not have full color illustrations on glossy paper. I loved C.B. Colby’s books when I was a kid. This book CAN”T be that old, can it?

  • I love old camping books, just to see how much has changed.

  • It’s kind of cool to look at and I’m sure it was a great resource back in the day. There’s probably some outdoor/archery enthusiasts who would add it to their collections, but not much point in a public library carrying it..