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Not Your Mama’s Airport

A Visit to the Airport

Submitter: I wonder if school children are still taken on tours of airports?  Or would that just be a big huge security issue???!!!

Holly: Can you imagine taking 30 third graders through airport security? Nightmare!  This book is very misleading to kids who might be going to the airport for the first time.  I’ll bet there are no pictures of TSA officials patting down eight-year-olds for weapons.  Mrs. Dolan’s class is in for a big surprise!

0 Responses to Not Your Mama’s Airport

  • Those are the exact same seats you see at airports now…

  • Didn’t know Milwaukee was actually the kingdom of Hyrule (check out the triforces hanging from the ceiling)

  • Wasn’t there a movie of a bunch of kids running wild through an airport? Name escapes me… any ideas?

  • I love the little girl on the left! Look at those glasses! 😎

  • When I saw the first picture, I said…hmmm, that looks like Milwaukee and then I saw the second picture and said !

    FWIW the bookstore in the Milwaukee is absolutely phenomenal.

  • I suppose we should be grateful there aren’t any pictures of biplanes, or men in leather helmets…

  • Karen is awfully perceptive.

  • To L.B.: I believe the movie was “Unaccompanied Minors”. This book makes me nostalgic for the days when you could walk into an airport and wait at the gate for whomever you were meeting.

  • I actually remember going to an airport on a field trip when I was a kid! Those jets looked enormous. It was so cool.

  • Unaccompanied Minors was the movie.

  • Looks like a still shot from The Brood part 2

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has those EXACT SAME CHAIRS. Now I know how long they’ve been there….

  • This just seems like such a sad activity to me. “We don’t get to actually go on a vacation, but hey, we get to watch other people going! Woo, isn’t this fun?” What a downer. I suppose little kids wouldn’t see it that way, but I bet that’s all the poor teacher is thinking about.

    • When I was a kid I used to love to go to the airport whether taking a trip or just meeting someone arriving. It was fun to see the planes taking off and all the activity that goes on outside. Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to take your kids to the airport to do this.

      • It’s still possible here! My boyfriend and I went to the airport (okay we still went through security but it wasn’t too hard to do) and watched the planes landing and taking off, recently. I’d never do it with a class though. I’m in Australia.

    • But we loved going on airport field trips as kids. Big planes, lots of people, fast food, tools and equipment to ooh and aah over. It’s a little kid’s paradise. In fact, I remember on boring summer evenings begging one or another parent to take a group of us to Boston’s Logan Airport to just run around. Sometimes a parent would comply. Strangely, given that the 9-11 terrorists got on in Logan, that was one airport where even years ago (1980s), non-passengers were NOT allowed through security to the gates. Once you learned the system, though – follow directly on the heels of a fairly large group that did have tickets – you could often get through.

  • L.B. the movie was “Unaccompanied Minors”. Big flop as I recall…

    Also, my four year-old went on a tour of our local airport. They all went through security, and they got to see how the airline receptionist people find tickets and such. No “backlot” tours of the luggage handling area or the tarmac, though.

  • The title of the post sounded like the start of an insult…”Yo mama’s airport sooooo poor…!”

    look at the cover photo- such innocent carefree times

  • Bright yellow shirt with red trousers?

    Some styles never go out of fashion.

  • Yep, that’s a Midwestern airport all right. I would have guessed Des Moines Iowa before I saw Milwaukee. I’ll bet it looks exactly the same now.

    If they’d taken those kids to LAX or Newark, on the other hand…

    Oh, and thank you for the tip on the Milwaukee airport bookstore, John. I’ll be sure to check it out if I’m stuck there waiting for a connecting flight.

  • Is one of their teachers a priest?
    and are those kids singing the national anthem?

  • Oh, dear! I think our small regional airport in E. Texas has those chairs! Wonder if Milwaukee sold them some…

    • Every airport has those chairs. John Wayne, LAX, O’Hare, Heathrow, I’ve never been in an airport that didn’t have those chairs.

  • I definitely remember going on a field trip to the airport in 3rd grade (must have been 1982). I can’t imagine they still do it today.

  • When I was in elementary school – probably in the same year this book was published – one of my classmates’ father, a pilot, arranged for us to have a tour of a 747. And by “tour” I mean we got to run around the entire airplane, including the cock pit, as our chaperones watched (and by “watched” I mean sat in first class with their feet up). We even got photos of ourselves in the pilot’s seat as souvenirs. I bet you a thousand bucks no one is allowed to do that any more…

  • John: Indeed. Sadly, my layover next time I go through Milwaukee will be way too short to spend any time in it. The little mini-museum of flight is nifty too.

    It’s kinda scary that I recognized the airport instantly from the cover photo. 🙂

  • Did you notice that all the little girls are in dresses? What’s up with that!

  • When I was a kid (waaaaay back in the mists of time), we used to love to go to the Jacksonville (FLA) airport because that was the only place we could find the Pong videogame. Whenever anyone had to go the airport, we’d beg to ride along and raid our piggybanks for quarters and spend hours playing.

    I miss the days of big, shiny, spacious airports. This book (although published at least a decade after I played Pong at the airport) brings back those memories.

  • What’s with the pterodactyl flying near the ceiling?

  • I remember Hong Kong International Airport wasn’t so good looking at one time before the new one was built!

  • Ah, back in the days when flying was FUN!

  • Salt Lake City airport has those chairs too! If you have ever tried to sleep in them they are a killer. I too thought that one of the teachers looks like a priest but all in white.

  • Here, kids, is where we stand in line! And here’s where we have to take off our shoes and walk on ground where hundreds of others have also walked shoeless, even though the health code would never allow that in any other public building! Here’s another line! Here’s where they take away your toothpaste and shampoo! Here’s another line to stand in!
    Now that’s a fun field trip.
    And yet, there’s always the baggage carousel.

  • Are these the kids from the school of perfect posture?

  • According to the internet, those chairs were designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1962 for Chicago’s O’Hare Intl airport. There’s a funny photo at the bottom of the page at this link http://www.hermanmiller.com/Products/Eames-Tandem-Sling-Seating showing a line of the chairs tied on a pick-up truck, with some guy reading the paper. We’ve got those chairs at Dulles too.

  • I definitely went on a tour of the airport with my daycare during the summer. We were only allowed to go on “educational” field trips (it was summer for godssake!). That was probably 1993 or so.

    Also, when I was really little (5 or so) and my mom and I went to pick my dad up from the airport, we met him at the gate and the pilot took me into the cockpit and gave me wings since I’d never been on a plane before. SO COOL! Kids these days aren’t gonna appreciate those wing pins.

  • We used to drive the back roads up behind O’Hare and sit at the end of the runways, just like Wayne and Garth did a few years later.

    And yeah, those chairs are everywhere.

  • Ah this brings back memories…

    In the 90s we went on a German exchange by ferry (and a very long coach journey) then when we got there one of our trips was to the nearest airport. All I can remember was thinking the tag line of the trip should have been “Look at how you could have travelled” and the tour guide who was very upset we didn’t take sitting in a airport bus at the end of the runway watching planes land as seriously as he did!

  • Yup that’s the Milwaukee – Mitchell International Airport-still has all of the same stuff in it right now.
    I’m pretty sure both pictures are Milwaukee.
    The pterodactyl on the ceiling is art! I think the bookstore is called Renaissance Books…

  • I’ve never seen a group of children look less excited! Poor little mites.

  • I have a book from this series called A Visit to the Police Station. The kids get to listen to the siren go on, then they are fingerprinted. It’s as if the field trip is to prepare them to be arrested later on.