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The Petting Generation

This is what I like to call “nonfiction erotica.” I am not sure that is really a thing, but I am running into enough examples to make me think so.  This is probably the best example of true stories or case studies that detail (and I mean DETAIL) the finer nuances of making out. Our author has a few other titles that you probably won’t want to miss, such as:  Sex Behavior of the Homosexual, Sex Behavior of the Lesbian, and last, but not least, Man to Man: A Report on Homosexuality.

I couldn’t find any credentials for our author, so maybe this is also self-reported “data.” I am not sure that today’s audience would even know what petting and necking entail. Remember, I am rather old and those terms weren’t used in my formative years. (Get off my lawn!)

Obviously this needs updating and some solid first hand accounts. Anyone volunteering?


back cover of petting generation

description of sexual behavior of college women

immoral sexual behavior of young people

case study of sexual behavior



  1. “Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.”
    ― Groucho Marx

    “The heart wants what it wants.”
    — Woody Allen (speaking of poor judges of anatomy)

  2. The term “heavy petting” was archaic when I was a kid in the 70s…

    I’d also call this genre “outrage erotica,” created for people who are supposed to be scandalized by the content but are really turned on by it. Like the “bad girl” movies of the 50s and the “exposes” of Spring Break that take great care to include lots of shots of girls in bikinis. We have to educate ourselves, you know.

    1. If memory serves it was more to get around censorship rules. If it was “non-fictional case studies” it was
      journalism or scholarly work, not Evil Filthy Porn, regardless of how detailed it was.

  3. I always thought the term “petting” was hilarious. Like petting your dog or cat (pussycat? ah, never mind.)

  4. Was this self-published? (Did they even have that then?) Not very carefully proofread. I found a typo on page 27, fourth line from the bottom, and sentence issues on page 59, second paragraph from the end.

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