No Petting Allowed!

Those Deadly Strangers
John F. Kennedy and the PT 109

Life and Love coverLife and Love
A Christian View of Sex

Sex advice books from yesteryear are always fun.  I think the old fashioned language used is interesting and probably dates a book more than the information contained. I think petting as a term was out of fashioned by the 1970s. Petting was a term my mother used.

Otherwise, some advice includes moving on to another “activity” when the urges become too much. (I would imagine some clarification on “another activity” is probably a good idea.) You can also buy the young lady a present. (I am not quite sure how a present works in this scenario.)

Regardless of one’s personal beliefs, I cannot imagine this book being much help to our modern teens, Christian or otherwise.


Life and Love back cover

how dangerous is petting?

the family you marry into


  1. Ken and Barbara, huh? ;p

    I will give this author credit for telling Ken it’s his responsibility to control his thoughts. Too often, it’s the female’s job to practice modesty so as not to cause her brother in Christ to “stumble.”

  2. I’ve only read the term “petting” maybe twice until now. The first was a long time ago in one of my grandparent’s old medical books (my aunt was a nurse). I had no clue what it really meant and didn’t understand the negativity, because I did it to dogs and cats all the time! In fact I was never sure what it meant until I looked it up on Wiki a few minutes ago. For years as an adult I thought it meant masturbating. How embarrassing.

  3. I’m impressed that the author had the minister tell Ken that his feelings were normal and listened to him.

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