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nice things out of straw

Making Nice Things Out of Straw

This book is all about making things out of straw. This means brooms, wreaths, and other household decor.The crafts themselves aren’t too bad, if straw is your thing. Corn husk dolls and other decorations are also included with the book. I was surprised that no baskets were included. Perhaps that is a different skill set. Not a bad book for content, but I wish it had a better title.


dolls made out of straw


Swedish angel made from straw




  1. I think the title is perfect. If only more things in life were so succinctly named.

  2. My Mother in Law had this book. She gave us a wreath she made and we still use it 35 years later.
    I think i’d Not get rid of this one.

  3. Basket-making is much harder than most of these crafts appear to be, if you’re actually weaving them from straw, so I imagine that’s why no baskets! It takes many, many practice baskets before one can weave one that looks “nice”!

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